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Oct-2003Importance of Benthic Prey for Fishes in Coral Reef-Associated SedimentsDeFelice, Ralph C.; Parrish, James D.
Oct-2003Nesting Behavior of Palila, as Assessed from Video RecordingsLaut, Megan E.; Banko, Paul C.; Gray, Elizabeth M.
Oct-2003Discovery of the Sea Grass Halophila decipiens (Hydrocharitaceae) in the Diet of the Hawaiian Green Turtle, Chelonia mydasRussell, Dennis J.; Balazs, George H.; Phillips, Ron C.; Kam, Alan K.H.
Oct-200357:4 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Oct-2003Variation in Structure of the Subcanopy Assemblage Associated with Southern California Populations of the Intertidal Rockweed Silvetia compressa (Fucales)Sapper, Stephanie A.; Murray, Steven N.
Oct-2003Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of SamoaWetterer, James K.; Vargo, Donald L.
Oct-2003Three New Species of Saccocirrus (Polychaeta: Saccocirridae) from Hawai'iBailey-Brock, J.H.; Dreyer, J.; Brock, R.E.
Oct-2003Macroalgae from 23 Stream Segments in the Hawaiian IslandsFilkin, Nanda R.; Sherwood, Alison R.; Vis, Morgan L.
Oct-2003The Odonata of Kosrae, Eastern Caroline Islands, MicronesiaBuden, Donald W.; Paulson, Dennis R.
Oct-2003Revegetation in Dead Dicranopteris (Gleicheniaceae) Fern Patches Associated with Hawaiian Rain ForestsFollett, Peter A.; Anderson-Wong, Puanani; Johnson, M Tracy; Jones, Vincent P.