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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2001Polydora and Related Genera Associated with Hermit Crabs from the Indo-West Pacific (Polychaeta: Spionidae), with Descriptions of Two New Species and a Second Polydorid Egg Predator of Hermit CrabsWilliams, Jason D.
Apr-2001Recent Extinct Land Snails (Euconulidae) from the Gambier Islands with Remarkable Apertural BarriersBouchet, Philippe; Abdou, Ahmed
Jan-2001Recent Records of Exotic Reptiles on Pohnpei, Eastern Caroline Islands, MicronesiaBuden, Donald W.; Lynch, D.B.; Zug, George R.
Jul-1996Rediscovery of Talehsapia annandalei (Polychaeta: Pilargidae) in Songkhla Lagoon, ThailandSalazar-Vallejo, Sergio I.; Nishi, Eijiroh; Anguspanich, Saowapa
Apr-2001Reproductive Biology of Three Land Hermit Crabs (Decapoda: Anomura: Coenobitidae) in Okinawa, Japan.Nakasone, Yukio
Jul-2001Review of the Fishes of the Genus Kuhlia (Perciformes: Kuhliidae) of the Central PacificRandall, John E.; Randall, Helen A.
Oct-2001The Risk to Hawai'i from SnakesKraus, Fred; Cravalho, Domingo
Jan-2001The Somatic Chromosomes of Sophora fernandeziana (Fabaceae), an Endemic Tree from Robinson Crusoe IslandStiefkens, Laura B.; Bernardello, Gabriel; Anderson, Gregory J.
Jul-2001Swimming Speed and Metabolic Rate during Routine Swimming and Simulated Diel Vertical Migration of Sergestes similis in the LaboratoryCowles, David L.
Apr-2001Utility of RAPD Markers in Evaluating the Status of the Hawaiian Tree Fern Cibotium x heleniaeMotley, Timothy J.; Morden, Clifford W.
Jul-2001Vegetative Anatomy of the New Caledonian Endemic Amborella trichopoda: Relationships with the Illiciales and Implications for Vessel OriginCarlquist, Sherwin; Schneider, Edward L.
Apr-2001Zooplankton Biomass Variability in the Mexican Eastern Tropical PacificFranco-Gordo, Carmen; Godinez-Dominguez, Enrique; Suarez-Morales, Eduardo