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Title: Ancient Kaua`i Mapping Project : Using GIS to locate and map ancient Hawaiian agricultural landscapes on Kaua`i
Authors: Burton, Erik
Keywords: Hawaiians--Ethnobotany--Periodicals.
Plants, Medicinal--Periodicals.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Botany Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Citation: Burton E. 2011. Ancient Kaua`i Mapping Project: Using GIS to locate and map ancient Hawaiian agricultural landscapes on Kaua`i. Ethnobotany Research & Applications 9: 349-377.
Abstract: GIS tools are used to develop a predictive model for identify the primary agricultural complexes on Kaua`i and conduct a systematic aerial survey for plants from transported landscapes. Comparisons were made to historical records and place names were matched to elements of the ancient agricultural landscape.  Results are recorded in a series of layers enabling spatial analysis and 3D visualization of the data in its environment. The resulting GIS layers and master model allows custom data views to be created by enabling selected layers so that desired aspects of the agricultural landscape can be visualized. The resulting layers are discussed as individuals and also how they interact to provide a view of the ancient integrated agricultural landscape. Conclusions about the predictive model for agricultural complex, the ethnobotanical surveys and the historical records are discussed.
Ua hana GIS no ke kukulu kumu alaka`i e wanana i nawahi mala `ai ma Kaua`i, a e alaka`i i ke kilo mokuleleno na `aina loli `ia. Ua ho`okuku `ia me na palapalamo`aukala, a ua ho`olikelike `ia na inoa wahi mena mea `awe`awe`a o na mala kahiko. Ua kukulu i nalalani papa GIS i mea e wehewehe, a he ho`ike 3D iua `ikepili nei. Hiki ke koho i na papa makemake `ia eho`ike ai. He `olelo kuka ko ia nei no na papa kekahii kekahi, a me ko lakou hana pu `ana ma ka `aina kahiko. Ua ho`oholo i hopena no ke kumu alaka`i wananano na mala kahiko, na kilo kalailau, me na palapalamo`aukala.
Pages/Duration: 30 pages
ISSN: 1547-3465
Appears in Collections:2011 - Volume 9 : Ethnobotany Research and Applications

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