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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-1986Marine Culture Enterprises Effluent Limitations and Monitoring ProgramMiller, Jacquelin N.
15-Oct-1986Modification of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit #HI-0021059 Marine Culture Enterprises (MCE) Laie, Kahuku, OahuMiller, Jacquelin N.
4-Aug-1987National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and Zone of Mixing Permit Applications Wailua Sewage Treatment Plant, Wailua, KauaiHarrison, John T.
30-Nov-1989National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Coal-Fired Cogeneration Facility Campbell Industrial Park, Ewa, OahuMiller, Jacquelin N.
28-May-1986Notice of Proposed Modification NPDES Permit HI 0021059 Marine Culture Enterprises, Kahuku, OahuCox, Doak C.
17-Jun-1986Notice of Proposed Modification NPDES Permit HI 0021059 Marine Culture Enterprises, Kahuku, OahuCox, Doak C.
5-Mar-1984NPDES and ZOM Applications Fort Kamehameha Sewage Treatment Plant, Pearl Harbor, OahuCox, Doak C.
27-Aug-1985NPDES Permit Kahe Generating Station (Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.) Kahe, OahuMiller, Jacquelin N.
22-Jul-1986NPDES Permit Kahe Generating SystemMiller, Jacquelin N.
22-Feb-1984NPDES Permit No. HI 0000019 Kahe Generating Station, Ewa, OahuCox, Doak C.
15-Jun-1984NPDES Permit No. HI 0000281 California and Hawaiian Sugar Company Aiea Refinery, Aiea, OahuCox, Doak C.
9-Aug-1985NPDES Permit No. HI 0000558 Halawa Beach Plant No. 151, Halawa Valley, OahuMiller, Jacquelin N.
6-Oct-1983NPDES Permit No. HI 0000612 Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital, Kapaa, KauaiCox, Doak C.
13-Mar-1981NPDES Permit No. HI 0020983 Seacoast Test Facility, Ke-Ahole Point, HawaiiDrigot, Diane C.
1-May-1994Palau National Road Project, PODCO GIN-93-015 Babeldaob, PalauHarrison, John T.
31-May-1990PODCO 2148 Kawela Bay Desilting Project, Kahuku, OahuHarrison, John T.
21-Jun-1979PODCO-O 1506-SD Kahuluu Fishpond Renovations, Kahaluu, HawaiiCox, Doak C.
15-May-1980PODCO-O 1570-SD Ewa Beach MarinaCox, Doak C.
24-Mar-1981PODCO-O 1602-S Rancho Hydro, Low-Head High Volume Hydroelectric System, Anahola, KauaiDrigot, Diane C.
23-Feb-1982PODCO-O 1613-S Proposed Fill of Lot 2 at Kupeke Fishpond, Kupeke, MolokaiCox, Doak C.