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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Almost completely decomposable groups with two critical types and their endomorphism ringsLewis, Wayne
1996Automated reasoning and machine learningHuang, Guoxiang
1994Combinatorial remediesMackey, John Fletcher
2012Congruence Lattices of Finite AlgebrasDeMeo, William J.
1992A covering space approach to (d,k) constrained codesPerry, Patrick Neil
2005Dual linear spaces generated by a non-Desarguesian configurationSeffrood, Jiajia Yang Garcia
2008Finite group graded lie algebraic extensions and trefoil symmetric relativity, standard model, yang mills and gravity theoriesWills, Luis Alberto
1971Generalized Gelfand triplesCasteren, J.A. van
2004Geometry and singularities of spatial and spherical curvesXiong, Jianfei
2013Linear and non-linear operators, and the distribution of zeros of entire functionsYoshida, Rintaro
2007Linear Operators and the Distribution of Zeros of Entire FunctionsPiotrowski, Andrzej
2011Linear preservers and entire functions with restricted zero lociChasse, Matthew Negus
1990Maximum principles and Liouville theorems for elliptic partial differential equationsZhou, Chiping
2003New classes of finite commutative ringsVo, Monika
2012On-linear coefficient-wise stability and hyperbolicity preserving transformationsGrabarek, Lukasz
2011P-adic analysis and mock modular formsKent, Zachary A.
2012Potential Good Reduction of Degree 2 Rational MapsYap, Diane
1993Problems in hyperbolic geometryReiser, Edward J.
2000Small latticesHeeney, Xiang Xia Huang
2005Sparse ordinary graphsKalk, Jonathan W.