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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Bilingual multimodality in language documentation dataGullberg, Marianne
Aug-2012A corpus linguistics perspective on language documentation, data, and challenge of small corporaLüdeling, Anke
Aug-2012Creating educational materials in language documentation projects – creating innovative resources for linguistic researchMosel, Ulrike
Aug-2012Data from language documentations in research on referential hierarchiesSchnell, Stefan
Aug-2012From language documentation to language planning: Not necessarily a direct routeSallabank, Julia
Aug-2012Front matter-
Aug-2012How to measure frequency? Different ways of counting ergatives in Chintang (Tibeto-Burman, Nepal) and their implicationsStoll, Sabine; Bickel, Balthasar
Aug-2012Information structure, variation and the Referential HierarchySimpson, Jane
Aug-2012Language archives: They’re not just for linguists any moreHolton, Gary
Aug-2012Language-specific encoding in endangered language corporaGippert, Jost
Aug-2012On the sociolinguistic typology of linguistic complexity lossTrudgill, Peter
Aug-2012Online presentation and accessibility of endangered languages data: The General Portal to the DoBeS ArchiveSchwiertz, Gabriele
Aug-2012Prospects for e-grammars and endangered languages corporaDrude, Sebastian
Aug-2012Supporting linguistic research using generic automatic audio/video analysisSchreer, Oliver; Schneider, Daniel
Aug-2012The threefold potential of language documentationSeifart, Frank
Aug-2012Tours of the past through the present of eastern IndonesiaKlamer, Marian