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Title: Genetic Relationships among Species of Meretrix (Mollusca: Veneridae) in the Western Pacific Ocean.
Authors: Yashiki Yamakawa, Ayako
Yamaguchi, Masashi
Imai, Hideyuki
LC Subject Headings: Natural history--Periodicals.
Natural history--Pacific Area--Periodicals.
Issue Date: Jul-2008
Publisher: Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Yashiki Yamakawa A, Yamaguchi M, Imai H. Genetic Relationships among Species of Meretrix (Mollusca: Veneridae) in the Western Pacific Ocean. Pac Sci 62(3): 385-394.
Series/Report no.: vol. 62, no. 3
Abstract: We compared allozymes at 12 loci in 12 populations of six species of Meretrix: M. lusoria ( Japan, Korea, and Taiwan), M. petechialis (China and Korea), M. ovum (Thailand and Mozambique), M. lyrata (China), M. lamarckii ( Japan), and Meretrix sp. A (Okinawa, Japan). Our allozyme results were generally consistent with the major groupings currently recognized within the genus based on morphological characters. However, we found two cryptic or undescribed species: Meretrix sp. A from Okinawa and M. cf. lusoria from Taiwan. The shell characters of Meretrix sp. A were similar to those of M. lamarckii, but the species was genetically distinct (Nei’s genetic distance D > 0.845) from all other species examined. The Taiwanese Meretrix population was morphologically indistinguishable from Japanese M. lusoria, although the genetic distance between the Taiwanese and Japanese populations showed a high degree of genetic differentiation (D > 0.386). Meretrix lusoria seedlings were introduced into Taiwan from Japan in the 1920s, and Japanese M. lusoria was previously thought to be established as a cultured stock. However, our results suggest that the Taiwanese population may represent a sibling or cryptic species of M. lusoria.
Description: v. ill. 23 cm.
Pages/Duration: 10 p.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science, Volume 62, Number 3, 2008

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