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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2009Applying the Commensal Model to the Question of the Lapita Colonization.Matisoo-Smith, E.; Hingston, M.; Summerhayes, G.; Robins, J.; Ross, H.A.; Hendy, M.
Oct-2009Archaeological Investigation of the Landscape History of an Oceanic Atoll: Majuro, Marshall Islands.Yamaguchi, Toru; Kayanne, Hajime; Yamano, Hiroya
Oct-2009Dynamics of Polynesian Subsistence: Insights from Archaeofauna and Stable Isotope Studies, Aitutaki, Southern Cook Islands.Allen, Melinda S.; Craig, Jacqueline A,
Oct-2009Epilogue: Changing Archaeological Perspectives upon Historical Ecology in the Pacific Islands.Anderson, Atholl
Oct-2009Fishing up the Food Web?: 12,000 Years of Maritime Subsistence and Adaptive Adjustments on California’s Channel Islands.Erlandson, Jon M.; Rick, Torben C.; Braje, Todd J.
Oct-2009‘‘Good Water and Firewood’’: The Island Oasis of Isla Cedros, Baja California, Mexico.Des Lauriers, Matthew R.
Oct-2009Historical Ecology in Kiribati: Linking Past with Present.Thomas, Frank R.
Oct-2009Impact of Human Colonization on the Landscape: A View from the Western Pacific.Summerhayes, Glenn R.; Leavesley, Matthew; Fairbairn, Andy
Oct-2009An Introduction to the Biocomplexity of Sanak Island, Western Gulf of Alaska.Maschner, Herbert D.G.; Betts, Matthew W.; Cornell, Joseph; Dunne, Jennifer A.; Finney, Bruce; Huntly, Nancy; Jordan, James W.; King, Aaron A.; Misarti, Nicole; Reedy-Maschner, Katherine L.; Russell, Roland; Tews, Amber; Wood, Spencer A.; Benson, Buck
Oct-2009Introduction: Archaeology and Historical Ecology in the Pacific Basin.Fitzpatrick, Scott M.; Intoh, Michiko
Oct-2009A Long-term Perspective on Biodiversity and Marine Resource Exploitation in Fiji’s Lau Group.Jones, Sharyn
Oct-2009Revisiting Rapa Nui (Easter Island) ‘‘Ecocide’’.Hunt, Terry L.; Lipo, Carl P.
Oct-2009Volcanism and Historical Ecology on the Willaumez Peninsula, Papua New Guinea.Torrence, Robin; Neall, Vince; Boyd, W.E.