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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2008Acropora (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) Reproductive Synchrony and Spawning Phenology in the Northern Line Islands, Central Pacific, as Inferred from Size Classes of Developing Oocytes.Kenyon, Jean C.
Apr-2008Additional Marine Benthic Algae from Howland and Baker Islands, Central Pacific.Tsuda, Roy T.; Vroom, Peter S.; Abbott, Isabella A.; Fisher, Jack R.; Foster, Kevin B.
Jan-2008Association Affairs-
Apr-2008Association Affairs-
Jul-2008Biodiversity Research on Coral Reef and Island Ecosystems: Scientific Cooperation in the Pacific Region.Tsuchiya, Makoto; Galzin, Rene; Davies, Neil
Jul-2008Biogeography of the Decapod and Stomatopod Crustacea of the Tropical Pacific: Issues and Prospects.Poupin, Joseph
Apr-2008Biology and Impacts of Pacific Island Invasive Species. 4. Verbesina encelioides, Golden Crownbeard (Magnoliopsida: Asteraceae).Feenstra, Kathleen R.; Clements, David R.
Jul-2008Canopy Multilayering and Woody Species Diversity of a Subtropical Evergreen Broadleaf Forest, Okinawa Island.Hagihara, Akio; Feroz, S.M.; Yokota, Masatsugu
Jan-2008Characteristics of the Psidium cattleianum (Myrtaceae) Seed Bank in Hawaiian Lowland Wet Forests.Uowolo, Amanda L.; Denslow, Julie S.
Apr-2008A Comparison of Immature Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) Diets among Seven Sites in the Main Hawaiian Islands.Arthur, Karen E.; Balazs, George H.
Jan-2008Corals Pocillopora eydouxi and Porites lobata (Anthozoa: Scleractinia).Smith, L.W.; Wirshing, H.H.; Baker, A.C.; Birkeland, C.
Jul-2008Degree and Pattern of Gene Flow in Several Scleractinian Corals in the Ryukyu Archipelago, Southern Japan.Nishikawa, Akira
Oct-2008Demographic Parameters of Yellowfin Croaker, Umbrina roncador (Perciformes: Sciaenidae), from the Southern California Bight.Pondella II, Daniel J.; Froeschke, John T.; Wetmore, Lynne S.; Miller, Eric; Valle, Charles F.; Medeiros, Lea
Jul-2008Dietary Habits of the Introduced Cane Toad Bufo marinus (Amphibia: Bufonidae) on Ishigakijima, Southern Ryukyus, Japan.Kidera, Noriko; Tandavanitj, Nontivich; Oh, Daehyun; Nakanishi, Nozomi; Satoh, Aya; Denda,Tetsuo; Izawa, Masako; Ota, Hidetoshi
Jul-2008Differences in Associated Crustacean Fauna and Seasonality of Sexual Reproduction between Two Color Morphs of the Photosymbiotic Ascidian Didemnum molle (Ascidiacea: Didemnidae).Fukuda, Takumi; Hirose, Euichi
Jul-2008Distribution and Possible Impacts of Toxic Organic Pollutants on Coral Reef Ecosystems around Okinawa Island, Japan.Imo, S.T.; Sheikh, M.A.; Sawano, K.; Fujimura, H.; Oomori, T.
Oct-2008Ecological Partitioning and Invasive Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in a Tropical Rain Forest Ant Community from Fiji.Ward, Darren
Oct-2008Ecology of the Endemic Land Crab Johngarthia malpilensis (Decapoda: Brachyura: Gecarcinidae), a Poorly Known Species from the Tropical Eastern Pacific.Lopez-Victoria, Mateo; Werding, Bernd
Apr-2008Evolutionary Lineages in Emballonura and Mosia Bats (Mammalia: Microchiroptera) from the Southwestern Pacific.Colgan, D.J.; Soheili, S.