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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1981An assessment of fertility and contraception in seven Philippine provinces, 1975Flieger, Wilhelm; Pagtolun-an, Imelda
Jan-1987Basic data on fertility in the provinces of China, 1940-82Coale, Ansley J.; Chen, Sheng Li
1982Changing value of children in TurkeyKagitcibasi, Cigdem
1978Circulation in the context of total mobility in Southeast AsiaGoldstein, Sidney
Jun-1985City characteristics, migration, and urban development policies in IndiaPremi, Mahendra K.; Tom, Judith Ann L.
1985Comparison of fertility trends estimated alternatively from birth histories and own childrenRetherford, Robert D.; Alam, Iqbal
1979Comparison of three acceptance strategies : a progress reportPotter, Robert G.; Kobrin, Frances E.; Langsten, Raymond L.
1986Consistent correction of census and vital registration data for Thailand, 1960-80Neramit Dhanasakdi; Arnold, Fred; Luther, Norman Y.
Aug-1987Cultural and economic factors in the fertility of Thai womenHogan, Dennis P.; Chamratrithirong, Aphichat; Xenos, Peter
Dec-1975Data relevant to socialization in the U.S. national fertility surveysBumpass, Larry L.
1974Demographic research in Japan, 1955-70 : a survey and selected bibliographyMatsumoto, Yoshiharu Scott
1974Demographic situation in HawaiiGardner, Robert W.; Nordyke, Eleanor C.
Jul-1977Demographic situation in ThailandArnold, Fred; Retherford, Robert D.; Anuri Wanglee
1977Demographic situation in the Philippines : an assessment in 1977Concepcion, Mercedes B.; Smith, Peter C.
Sep-1976Development of family size and sex composition norms among U.S. childrenMarkle, Gerald E.; Wait, Robert F.
1983Development perspectives and population changeSimmons, Ozzie G.
Aug-1988Distribution of interbirth intervals in rural China, 1940s to 1970sCoale, Ansley J.; Li, Shaomin; Han, Jing-Qing
1981Economic consequences and future implications of population growth in ChinaDernberger, Robert F.
1978Economic value of children in Asia and Africa : comparative perspectivesWare, Helen Ruth Elizabeth
Jun-1983Effects of induced abortion on subsequent reproductive function and pregnancy outcome, HawaiiChung, Chin Sik; Steinhoff, Patricia G.; Smith, Roy G.; Mi, Ming-Pi