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1974Demographic research in Japan, 1955-70 : a survey and selected bibliographyMatsumoto, Yoshiharu Scott
1974Demographic situation in HawaiiGardner, Robert W.; Nordyke, Eleanor C.
1975Female labor force participation in a modernizing society : Malaya and Singapore, 1921-1957Fong, Monica S.
1975Fertility socialization research in the United States : a progress reportPhilliber, Susan Gustavus; Gustavus, Susan O.
Jun-1975Present and prospective state of policy approaches to fertilitySimmons, Ozzie G.; Saunders, Lyle
Dec-1975Data relevant to socialization in the U.S. national fertility surveysBumpass, Larry L.
1976Some sociological suggestions concerning the reduction of fertility in developing countriesRyder, Norman B.
Feb-1976Future autobiographies : expectations of marriage, children, and careersWilliamson, Nancy Elizabeth; Putnam, Sandra L.; Wurthmann, H. Regina; East-West Population Institute
Sep-1976Development of family size and sex composition norms among U.S. childrenMarkle, Gerald E.; Wait, Robert F.
1977Fertility of migrants to urban places in ThailandGoldstein, Sidney; Penporn Tirasawat
1977Demographic situation in the Philippines : an assessment in 1977Concepcion, Mercedes B.; Smith, Peter C.
1977Methodological difficulties encountered in using own-children data : illustrations from the United StatesRindfuss, Ronald R.
Jul-1977Demographic situation in ThailandArnold, Fred; Retherford, Robert D.; Anuri Wanglee
1978Economic value of children in Asia and Africa : comparative perspectivesWare, Helen Ruth Elizabeth
1978Rural-urban migration and social mobility : studies of three South Korean citiesLee, Man-gap; Barringer, Herbert R.
1978Spatial analysis of family planning program effects in Taiwan, 1966-72Hermalin, Albert I.
1978Regression estimates of changes in fertility, 1955-60 to 1965-75, for most major nations and territorriesPalmore, James A.
1978Effects of program contraception on fertility : a comparison of three Asian countriesKhoo, Siew-Ean
1978Spatial fertility analysis in a limited data situation : the case of PakistanFuller, Gary; Khan, Mohammad M.
1978Recent fertility decline in the Chiang Mai area of ThailandTieng Pardthaisong