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Jan-2006Baseline Climatology of Viti Levu (Fiji) and Current Climatic TrendsMataki, Melchior; Koshy, Kanayathu C.; Lal, Murari
Jan-200660:1 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jan-2006Effects of Water Removal on a Hawaiian Stream EcosystemKinzie, Robert A.; Chong, Charles; Devrell, Julia; Lindstrom, Dan; Wolff, Reuben
Jan-2006Vertebrates of Tetepare Island, Solomon IslandsRead, John L.; Moseby, Katherine
Jan-2006Marine Algae of French Frigate Shoals, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: Species List and Biogeographic ComparisonsVroom, Peter S.; Page, Kimberly N.; Peyton, Kimberly A.; Kukea-Shultz, F. Kanekoa
Jan-2006Bryoliths (Bryozoa) in the Gulf of California.James, D.W.; Foster, M.S.; O’Sullivan, J.
Jan-2006Anguilla marmorata (Giant Mottled Eel) Discovered in a New Location: Natural Range Expansion or Recent Human Introduction?Handler, Alex; James, Shelley A.
Jan-2006A Vermetid Gastropod with Complex Intracapsular Cannibalism of Nurse Eggs and Sibling Larvae and a High Potential for Invasion.Strathmann , Megumi F.; Strathmann, Richard R.
Jan-2006A New Genus and Species of Diplodactylid Gecko (Reptilia: Squamata: Diplodactylidae) from Northwestern New Caledonia.Bauer, Aaron M.; Jackman, Todd; Sadlier, Ross A.; Whitaker, Anthony H.
Jan-2006Association Affairs-
Jan-2006A New Species of Extinct Parrot (Psittacidae: Eclectus) from Tonga and Vanuatu, South Pacific.Steadman, David W.
Apr-2006Recovery of Native Species following Rat Eradication on Mokoli‘i Island, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i.Smith, David G.; Shiinoki, Ethan K.; VanderWerf, Eric A.
Apr-2006Community Structure of Hermatypic Corals at French Frigate Shoals,Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: Capacity for Resistance and Resilience to Selective Stressors.Kenyon, Jean C.; Vroom, Peter S.; Page, Kimberly N.; Dunlap, Matthew J.; Wilkinson, Casey B.; Aeby, Greta S.
Apr-2006Abstracts of Papers : Thirtieth Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium, 16–18 March 2005.-
Apr-2006Association Affairs-
Apr-2006Analysis of Plant Microfossils in Archaeological Deposits from Two Remote Archipelagos: The Marshall Islands, Eastern Micronesia, and the Pitcairn Group, Southeast Polynesia.Horrocks, Mark; Weisler, Marshall I.
Apr-2006Life History Characteristics of a Small Cardinalfish, Ostorhinchus rubrimacula (Percoidei: Apogonidae), from Koro, Fiji.Longenecker, Ken; Langston, Ross.
Apr-2006Unusual Mortality of Krill (Crustacea: Euphausiacea) in Bahı´a de La Paz, Gulf of California.Lo´pez-Corte´s, David J.; Bustillos-Guzma´n, Jose´ J.; Ga´rate-Liza´rraga, Ismael
Apr-2006Habitat Preferences and Site Fidelity of the Ornate Wobbegong Shark (Orectolobus ornatus) on Rocky Reefs of New South Wales.Carraro, Robert; Gladstone,William.
Apr-2006Ostracoda (Myodocopina) of Tutuila, American Samoa.Kornicker, Louis S.; Harrison-Nelson, Elizabeth