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Title: Incubation Biology and Nestling Growth of Bulwer's Petrels on Manana Island, Oahu, Hawaii
Authors: Whittow, G.C.
Issue Date: Apr-1994
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Whittow GC. 1994. Incubation biology and nestling growth of Bulwer's Petrels on Manana Island, Oahu, Hawaii. Pac Sci 48(2): 136-144.
Abstract: Data were gathered on incubation of eggs and growth of nestlings
of Bulwer's Petrels nesting on Manana Island in the Hawaiian Islands. Mean
incubation period of five eggs was 45.2 days. Duration of pipping period of six
eggs, which began with star-fracture of the shell, was 4.5 days. Daily water loss
from unpipped eggs was 62.6 mg/day; water loss from pipped eggs was much
higher, and 36.3% of total water loss occurred from pipped eggs. Mean nestling
period (hatching-fledging) of four nestlings was 62 days; body weight of eight
nestlings increased to a maximum 21.2 days before the nestlings fledged and
then declined. Body weight of adult Bulwer's Petrels declined over the breeding
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 48, Number 2, 1994

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