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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Adoption of cellular telephone technologies and services : user perceptions and motivations in the United States (Hawaii) and South KoreaKwon, Hyosun
2014Characterizing Communication Networks Associated with Political Hashtags.Maruyama, Misa; Suthers, Daniel D.; Robertson, Scott P.
1994CLARE : a computer-supported collaborative learning environment based on the thematic structure of scientific textWan, Dadong
2013Design Teams as Change Agents: Diplomatic Design in the Open Data MovementMaruyama, Misa; Douglas, Sara; Robertson, Scott P.
Aug-2003Development of shared mental models: Structuring distributed naturalistic decision making in a synchronous computer-mediated work environmentVick, Rita Michele
1994Development processes and performance in groups using an electronic meeting system : a comparison of face-to-face, synchronous and asynchronous meeting environmentsBurke, Kelly
2004Does affect influence information overload?Djamasbi, Soussan D.
May-2003Early identification and evaluation of slowly emerging problems related to the ubiquitous networked computing & communications environment in the state of HawaiiWinter, Jenifer Sunrise
1990A formal analysis of costs and benefits of interorganizational systemsMeier, Johannes
1992Function approximation using neural networks : a simulation studyMarquez, Leorey O.
1994The functional memory approach to the design of custom computing machinesHalverson, Richard Peyton
1992A generalization of the stable marriage algorithms involving group preferences in resource allocation problemsLi, Zhi Cheng
1995Generating customized layouts automaticallyWang, Xiaobo
1994HAT (Hyper Analysis Toolkit) : a tool for hypertext-based dynamic systems analysisHe, Jingxiang
2005Hearts and minds through hands online: a narrative analysis of learning through co-reflection in an online action research courseYukawa, Joyce
2014Hybrid media consumption: How tweeting during a televised political debate influences the vote decisionMaruyama, Misa; Robertson, Scott P.; Douglas, Sara K.; Semaan, Bryan C.; Faucett, Heather
1991Individual differences in the use of CD ROM databasesKamala, T.N.
2008Informational exchanges among Hawaii marine stakeholdersMaurin, Paulo
1994Interacting with information : constructing personal knowledge using written textHoward, Dara Lee
1993One channel at-a-time multichannel autoregressive modeling : applications to stationary and nonstationary covariance time seriesStone, David