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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2012Computer Security Strategies: An Instructional Design ApproachTanare, Adam Jr.
Apr-2012Contract Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion - A Web Based ResourceKaniho, Kristi
17-Apr-2012Designing and Evaluating an Online Resource Site for Distance EducatorsMeinke, William
2012Effectiveness of a web-based instructional design module on educating 6th graders on the topic of cyberbullyingKobayashi, LeeAnna
1-May-2012Evaluating a web-based iPad tutorial for teachersMuranaka, Serena
17-Apr-2012Forgetful Students Use FacebookNakahara, Alana Anuhea
17-Apr-2012Forgetful Students Use FacebookNakahara, Alana Anuhea
19-Apr-2012How is blogging perceived by second graders?Tanaka, Jenny
2012Impact of Marine Debris in the Northwestern Hawaiian IslandsRodgers, Vanessa
17-Apr-2012Implementing a Flipped Classroom: An Instructional ModuleShimamoto, Dean
17-Apr-2012Information Literacy for Electronic ResourcesKodani, Laureen
19-Apr-2012Integrating Facebook into Distance Education and Online Learning Environments: To Promote Interactive Online Learning CommunitiesRing, Macy
19-Apr-2012Integrating Screencasts into Workplace TrainingHayslip, Rogelda
19-Apr-2012Learning Pronunciation of Chinese Surnames, Proper Salutations and Useful Greetings Using VoiceThreadRoco, Meilene
28-Apr-2012Masking Pixels: Insights into the Design and Delivery of a Photoshop WorkshopMorrison, William
19-Apr-2012Meditation for Stress Reduction WebinarBachmann, Melissa
23-Apr-2012PowerPoint Slides of TCC Presentation 2012 in zip fileZeleznik, Mari E.
17-Apr-2012Teaching Effective Presentation Design for the ClassroomKirkland, Rachel
17-Apr-2012Teaching Marine Species Identification Using Web Based Learning ModulesConey, John
17-Apr-2012Technology Integration and Training for Online Course Development: A Needs AssessmentKunitzer, Melissa