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  • Bachmann, Melissa (TCC conference, 2012-04-19)
    Have you ever searched the internet before calling a doctor when you were not feeling well? There are hundreds of websites recommending stress reduction for overall health improvement. Meditation is a proven technique to ...
  • Zeleznik, Mari E. (2012-04-23)
  • Zeleznik, Mari E. (2012-04-23)
    Abstract: Educators, especially in technologically advanced countries, have begun to take advantage of mobile devices to promote learning and study. Mobiles are recognized as valuable educational tools by many Universities ...
  • Morrison, William (2012-04-28)
    Adobe Photoshop is a powerful pixel-editing application with a steep learning curve.  Program proficiency can offer high returns in both professional production and personal creative expression.  To acquire skills, some ...
  • Muranaka, Serena (2012-05-01)
    With advances in technology, schools are starting to integrate this into the classroom. However, technology training is not often provided to teachers. This paper describes the results of designing and evaluating a web-based ...
  • Tanare, Adam Jr. (2012-05-04)
    Computer security can be an overwhelming concept for a technology layman or digital immigrant. However, recent occurrences of cyber-attacks highlight that computer security is an essential practice that remains neglected. ...
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Now showing items 21-26 of 26


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