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  • Kunitzer, Melissa (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2012-04-17)
    Colleges experiencing an enrollment boost due to the poor economy need to hire more teachers to accommodate student demand. Offering distance education courses helps meet the needs of a growing student body while alleviating ...
  • McNew, Callie (Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference, 2012-04-17)
    The Gemini Observatory is one of the largest and most requested astronomical research facilities in the world. Employees at the two Gemini telescopes located in Hawaii and Chile agree that sharing research with the public ...
  • Childers, Michael (University of Hawaii Manoa, 2012-04-17)
    The instructional videos, UHH Boat Operations – Basic Research Techniques, is a new project. The videos were created to describe the research and teaching capabilities of the university's research vessels to new students. ...
  • Myhre, Sarah K. (2012)
    Students in the University of Hawaii System are required to use appropriate sources for their papers, presentations, or assignments. The problem for students is determining which resources are appropriate, especially if ...
  • Zeleznik, Mari E. (2012-04-23)
    Abstract: Educators, especially in technologically advanced countries, have begun to take advantage of mobile devices to promote learning and study. Mobiles are recognized as valuable educational tools by many Universities ...
  • Gumayagay, Myla (Myla Gumayagay, 2012-04)
    Abstract: The down turn of the economy has significantly affected the nature of work in colleges and universities across the country. Economic limitations have forced universities to find other means to facilitate ...
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Now showing items 21-26 of 26


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