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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1967Ecological relationships in Hawaiian and Johnston Island Acanthuridae (surgeonfishes) with emphasis on food and feeding habitsJones, Robert Sidney
1963An ecological study of the Heeia mangrove swampWalsh, Gerald Edward
1978The ecology and energetics of Aplysia juliana (Quoy and Qaimard, 1832)Sarver, Dale Jere
1981The ecology and reproductive biology of some Hawaiian vermetid gastropodsHopper, Carol Norine.
1-May-1993The Ecology of Juvenile Hawaiian CoralsFitzhardinge, Rachel C.
May-1989The ecology of patch reef fishes in a subtropical Pacific atoll: recruitment variability, community structure and effects of fishing predatorsSchroeder, Robert E.
May-2003Effect of social conditions on sex change and sex determination in two Dascyllus species, D aruanus and D albisella (Family: Pomacentridae)Yoshikawa, Tomoko
1989The effects of sedimentation on Indo-Pacific reef coralsHodgson, Gregor
1970An electrophysiological and chemical investigation of the female sex pheromone of the crab Portunus sanguinolentus (Herbst)Christofferson, Jay Peter
1991Energy allocation and reproductive effort in four cockroach species with differing modes of reproductionKoebele, Bruce P.
1995The environmental control of oocyte development in the striped mullet, Mugil cephalusKelley, Christopher D.
Aug-2014The evolution and design of the locomotor system in lizards of the southwest United StatesScales, Jeffrey Aaron
1968An experimental study of habitat selection in the juvenile manini, Acanthurus triostegus sandvicensisSale, Peter Francis
May-2011Expression and activity of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes in the reef coral pocillopora damicornisRougee, Luc Raymond Albert
1993Feeding and growth of prosobranch veligersBell, Janice Lee
1993Feeding ecology of juvenile white shrimp, Penaeus Vannamei, in intensive aquaculture pondsMoss, Shaun M.
1970Fishery ecology of the Pokai artificial reefMcVey, James Paul
1992Fluorescent age pigment accumulation as a determinant of chronological age in aquatic organismsHill, Kevin T.
1994Functional long-term storage of spermatozoa in oviducts of the common house gecko, Hemidactylus frenatusMurphy-Walker, Susan Gene
1-Dec-1988Genotypic Diversity and Population Structure of the Hawaiian Reef Coral, Porites compressaHunter, Cynthia L.