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1954The maturation and spawning of the bigeye tuna, Parathunnus sibi, in the western equatorial, central equatorial, and Hawaiian areas of the Pacific oceanYuen, Heeny Shew Heen
1966Studies on the biology and ecology of some Indo-Pacific Terebra from Eniwetok AtollMiller, Bruce Alvin
1-Feb-1969The Food and Feeding Habits of the Kumu, Parupeneus porphyreusMahi, Cherrie Ann
Dec-1975Aspects of the age and growth, reproduction, and diet of the millet-seed butterflyfish, Chaetodon miliaris (Pisces: Chaetodontidae), an Hawaiian endemicRalston, Stephen
Dec-1976The responses of two species of hermatypic corals and their zooxanthellae to changes in light intensityRedalje, Randi C.
1-May-1982Trophic Relationships of Goatfishes (Family Mullidae) in the Northwestern Hawaiian IslandsSorden, Carol T.
1983Aspects of Corallivory by Chaetodon unimaculatus in Kane'ohe Bay, OahuCox, Evelyn F.
May-2005Temporal Variation In An Initial Marine Biofilm Community And Its Effect On Larval Settlement Of The Tubeworm Hydroides ElegansShikuma, Nicholas J.
Aug-2005A Behavioral Study Of The Hawaiian Goby-Shrimp Relationship And The Effects Of Predation On The SystemNelson, Robert Paul
2006Response to heat stress in the porcelain crab Petrolisthes cinctipesTeranishi, Kristen S.
2007Reproduction of Zebrasoma flavescens : oocyte maturation, spawning patterns, and an estimate of reproductive potential for female yellow tang in HawaiʻiBushnell, Megan
2007Acoustic telemetry of the short-term movements of Octopus cyanea (Gray, 1849) in Kaneohe Bay, HawaiʻiIvey, Gayla L.
Dec-2010The ecology of shipwrecks : an assessment of biodiversitySmith, Derek Michael
May-2011Competitive dynamics and natural history of the shell-inhabiting amphipod polynesoecetes kekeae (Myers 1975)Jorgenson, Ann Willow
Aug-2011Larval clownfish amphiprion ocellaris predatory success and selectivity when preying on the calanoid copepod parvocalanus crassirostrisJackson, James Michael
May-2012The growth and survival of the sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla, a possible biocontrol agent for invasive macroalgaePan, Rodolf Timothy
May-2012Demographic patterns in the peacock grouper Cephalopholis argus, an introduced Hawaiian reef fishDonovan, Mary Kristen
Aug-2012Are rocky intertidal pools a nursery habitat for juvenile reef fish ? An investigation of the spatial and temporal abundance patterns of juvenile fishes utilizing basalt tidepools on the island of Oahu and a comparative growth analysis of the endemic Kuhlia xenuraIglesias, Ilysa Stefanki
Aug-2012Effects of load on locomotion in the brown anole, Anolis sagreiEvers, Shannon Nicole
Dec-2012Using DNA to figure out soft coral taxonomy--phylogenetics of Red Sea octocoralsHaverkort, Roxanne Dominique