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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1967The absorption of sugars and sodium in vitro by Tilapia mossambicaPfeffer, Roger
Aug-2003Abundance and distribution patterns of Hawaiian odontocetes: focus on OahuMaldini, Daniela
Dec-2010Abundance, home range, and movement patterns of manta rays (Manta alfredi, M. birostris) in HawaiʻiClark, Timothy B.
1993Acclimation of marine phytoplankton to ultraviolet radiationHazzard, Christina E.
2007Acoustic telemetry of the short-term movements of Octopus cyanea (Gray, 1849) in Kaneohe Bay, HawaiʻiIvey, Gayla L.
1982Acquisition, storage and utilization of nutrients by the embryos and larvae of opisthobranch molluscsKempf, Stephen C.
Dec-1998The advantage of juvenile coloration in reef fishesMahon, Jeffrey L.
1973Alizarin deposition by coralsLamberts, Austin E.
Aug-2011An analysis of genes in the marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas luteoviolacea underlying its capacity to induce larval setttlement in the polychaete Hydroides elegansHuang, Ying
1977An analysis of gastrulation in Loligo pealeiSingley, Carl T.
1973An analysis of metamorphosis in Phestilla sibogae Bergh 1905 (Gastropoda, Nudibranchia)Bonar, Dale Brian
Aug-2012Are rocky intertidal pools a nursery habitat for juvenile reef fish ? An investigation of the spatial and temporal abundance patterns of juvenile fishes utilizing basalt tidepools on the island of Oahu and a comparative growth analysis of the endemic Kuhlia xenuraIglesias, Ilysa Stefanki
1983Aspects of Corallivory by Chaetodon unimaculatus in Kane'ohe Bay, OahuCox, Evelyn F.
Dec-1975Aspects of the age and growth, reproduction, and diet of the millet-seed butterflyfish, Chaetodon miliaris (Pisces: Chaetodontidae), an Hawaiian endemicRalston, Stephen
1974Aspects of the dynamics of mercury cycling in a small Hawaiian estuaryLuoma, Samuel N.
May-2011Avian malaria on Oahu : disease ecology, population genetics, and the evolution of resistance in Oahu amakihiKrend, Kira Loren
1992The behavior and physiology of protandrous sex change in the Cinnamon anemonefish, Amphiprion melanopusGodwin, John
1970The behavioral ecology of Alpheus clypeatus Coutiere (Decapoda, Alpheidae)Bowers, Ralph Louis
1992Behavioral ecology of reproduction in the pomacanthid angelfish, Centropyge potteriLutnesky, Marvin M.F.
1987The behavioral ecology of three species of butterflyfishes (family Chaetodontidae)Hourigan, Thomas F.