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1951Dance in the Society and Hawaiian Islands as presented by the early writers, 1767-1842Costa, Mazeppa King
Dec-2002Effects of Relational Context on Perceptions of Verbally Rude MessagesOliveira, Carrie Marie
Dec-2002The Relationship Between Multiple Intelligences and Student Learning: An Application to Public Speaking ClassesCallison, Mary Elizabeth
Dec-2002Communicating Positive Illusions During Big Fights in Dating RelationshipsKrawciw, Ann K.
May-2003An examination of the relationships between communicative responses to romantic jealousy and commitmentFeng, Mei Huan
May-2003Popular music and communication in interpersonal relationshipsOngyod, Anthony
2004Examining college students' reactions to three anti-smoking message approaches : humor, psychological reactance, and fear appealsTakeuchi, Leilani S.L.
2004Suspicious receivers' interactions goals and strategic behaviors within dating relationshipsKim, In Duk
2004Attachment styles as a predictor of fatal attractionsRodgers, Jeff
2004Intercultural communication competence : initial application to instructors' communication as a basis to assess multicultural teacher education programsKim, Rachel K.
2005Parental mediation and voting behavior : the effects of parental mediation on political socializationJerney-Davis, Michelle
2005Examination of the self-expansion model in Japanese women-Caucasian men romantic relationshipsKawamura, Ai
2005The communicative value of a tattoo : the role of public self-consciousness on the visibility of a tattooDoss, Kathleen S.
2005Social support and job satisfactionRaphael, Douglas D.
2007Cyber-intrusions : strategies of coping with online obsessive relational intrusionTokunaga, Robert S.
May-2008Understanding commitment in students' persistence decisionsSavage, Matthew W.