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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2013Pathway to the common measurement of urban health : a data envelopment analysis (dea) approachEdwards, Quincy Adam
1986A pattern of predelinquency for youth in two suburban Japanese communitiesYoder, Robert Stuart
2005The penitent : the myths and realities of religious rehabilitation among California prisonersDe Nike, Moira
Aug-2011Perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes towards intimate partner violence against women : an exploratory study of urban dating versus married participants in BangladeshHadi, Syeda Tonima
1984The periodic market in contemporary Korea : its continuing role in rural developmentKim, Hye Soon
1985Personal networks and the material adaptation of recent immigrants : a study of Filipinos in HawaiiCaces, Maria Fe F.
1995Police as frontline mental health workers : the decision to arrest or refer to mental health agenciesGreen, Thomas, 1937
2008Policing strangers : The convergence of immigration law enforcement and crime control in contemporary JapanYamamoto, Ryoko
1994The proletarianization process and the transformation of Taiwan's working classSen, Yow Suen
1991Quality issues for the elderly at adult residential care homes in HawaiiKarel, Harumi Sasaki
2004Romantic, do-it-yourself, and sexually subversive : an analysis of resistance in a Hawaiʻi local punk rock sceneTakasugi, Fumiko
1991Sexual harassment and sexual assault: university students' attitudes towards sexual victimization of womenLuo, Tsun-yin
2008Signs of change : The next two decades of the agricultural women's groups in ThailandChinnasri, Oranutda
May-2011Slow food : a globalized social movement with an anti-globalization missionSpringer, Alexandra
1988Social class and health services utilization in Korea : social-psychological and structural factors affecting use differentialsCho, Sung-Nam
1994Social control in Chinese work organizationXu, Xinyi
1992A socio-economic analysis of labor force development in Taiwan (1950-1988)Liu, Chang-Hwai Wang
1991A socio-historical analysis of the crown-based health ensembles (CBHEs) in Hawaii : a Sartrean approachKamakahi, Jeffrey J.
Aug-2003Sources of labor disputes in East Asian invested enterprises in China: from an institutional and organizational perspectiveChoi, Young-Jin
1991State influence in the resettlement of Southeast Asian refugees in the state of HawaiiChabot, Richard Carl