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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981Ancient Hawaiian Salt-Making at the Ponds of HanapepeSenussi, Abduladim M.
1984Aquarium Maintenance ManualShannon, Sequoia
Archaeological Investigations at Kawainui Marsh, in the Kukanono Area, Kailua, Oahu.Neller, Earl
1982Behavior Study of the Northern Pacific Humpback Whale, Megaptera novaeangliaeBjornson, Kirsten
1981Biology 101 - Aukele FishingUmeda, Masaro
1982Blue-Water Marine Laboratory Cruise Leader ProgramZaiger, Maia L.
1980A Case of Spontaneous Muscle Necrosis in Cultured Fresh Water Prawns, Macrobracium rosenberg IIAkiyama, Dean
1982Chaetodon Multicinctus: Size Comparisons of Pair MembersBond, Jeffrey T.
1982Coastal Zone Resource Interpretation: Kawai Nui Marsh, O'ahu, Hawai'i - Phase I: Literary Research - Phase II: Archaeological Field ResearchSimons, Jeannette A.
1980A Comparison of Two Visual Survey Techniques for Fish PopulationsSanderson, S. Laurie; Solonsky, Allan C.; Burgett, Jeff M.; Hirata, Janice S.; Kadowaki, Kay N.; Kawamoto, Kurt E.; Kees, Dennis L.; Kleh, Cynthia L.; Rumbaugh, Frank W.; Sanborn, Victoria M.
1980Comprehension of an Imposed Language by Bottle-Nosed DolphinsSyracuse, Muguette
1983Development and Implementation of a Disaster Assist Team, designed to Respond to Local Disaster Relief Needs.Sanborn, Gregory Michael; Buote, Denise; Carey, Randy; Charoensin-o-larn, Chairat; Harr, Randy; Isobe, Alan; Kinoshita,Keith
1983Distribution of Machrobrachium rosengbergii in an Circulated vs. Uncirculated Pond SystemTamayose, Kerry H.
1983Dynamic Processes of Hilo BayBernard, Nancy D.; Anne M. Orcutt
1988Educating the Public on Hawaii's Coastal Environment with an Emphasis on Marine Environmental ProblemsSalvaggio, Anthony
1989Education of Grade-School Students about the Coral Reef Ecosystem in Kaneohe BayStender, George
1981The Effects of Water Temperature on the Growth Rate of the Freshwater Prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergiiAtkinson, Shannon K.C.
1987Enhancement of the Educational Aspects of the Edge of the Reef Exhibit at the Waikiki AquariumTakahashi, Kent H.
1987Establishment and Maintenance of the Marine Aquarium at the University if Hawaii at Hilo's Campus CenterBecker, Britta
1982Feasibility Study of Rainbow Trout Aquaculture in Hawaiian WatersRock, Mike; Ahchong, John