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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Coastal Zone Resource Interpretation: Kawai Nui Marsh, O'ahu, Hawai'i - Phase I: Literary Research - Phase II: Archaeological Field ResearchSimons, Jeannette A.
1983Study of Feasibility of Closed System Rearing of Marine Larval Crustacea: Specifically with Respect to those Species Popular in the Marine Aquarium IndustrySteele, Alex
1983Laboratory Experience In Physics and Oceanography with the DUMAND ProjectUejio, Jeremy
1983Technical Assitance to the Porpoise ProjectShiota, Eric
1983Distribution of Machrobrachium rosengbergii in an Circulated vs. Uncirculated Pond SystemTamayose, Kerry H.
1983Study of Language Comprehension and Competency in Atlantic Bottle-Nosed DolphinsTaff-Rice
1983Hands-On Experience at an Aquaculture FacilityAu, Wendell K.C.
1983Lake Tegano--An Enclosed Isolated Ecosystem, and the Environmental Impact of Tilapia IntroductionSedlak-Weinstein, Elizabeth
1983Dynamic Processes of Hilo BayBernard, Nancy D.; Anne M. Orcutt
1983Development and Implementation of a Disaster Assist Team, designed to Respond to Local Disaster Relief Needs.Sanborn, Gregory Michael; Buote, Denise; Carey, Randy; Charoensin-o-larn, Chairat; Harr, Randy; Isobe, Alan; Kinoshita,Keith
1983Salinity, it's Relation to BaitfishWojcik, David H.
1984A Neo-Mahanian View of the Greater Seattle AreaWeber, Robert
1984Aquarium Maintenance ManualShannon, Sequoia
1984The Growth and Diversification of the Saudi Arabian Shipping Fleet, 1973-1982Aune, Bjorn R.
1985Publication of a Monthly Column in the Local Sailing Magazine "21 Degrees North". Column Title: "Fins and Feathers"Scott, Susan
1986Scarcity of a Resource: The Cause of Conflict Between Recreational Gill Net Fishermen and Pole FishermenYasukochi, Leslee
1986Internship with the Pacific Whale Foundation Final Report of Independent Study for [the] University of Hawaii Marine Option ProgramAkeret, Teal
1987Enhancement of the Educational Aspects of the Edge of the Reef Exhibit at the Waikiki AquariumTakahashi, Kent H.
1987Establishment and Maintenance of the Marine Aquarium at the University if Hawaii at Hilo's Campus CenterBecker, Britta
1988Marine Education Internship: Designs of a Divemaster - A Synopsis of my Role in MOP's Evolving Transecting WorkshopsSaint, Geoffrey