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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Determination of the Distribution of Cilia on the Surface of the Mantle of Cypraea caputserperntis Utilizing Scanning Electron MicroscopyYokoi, Tracie
1983Development and Implementation of a Disaster Assist Team, designed to Respond to Local Disaster Relief Needs.Sanborn, Gregory Michael; Buote, Denise; Carey, Randy; Charoensin-o-larn, Chairat; Harr, Randy; Isobe, Alan; Kinoshita,Keith
2002Development of Magnetic Immunobead Assay for the Efficient Detection of Histamine in Fish ProductsTanaka, Ronald
2005Digestive Physiology of SharksRusso, Steve
2002Directed Evolution of Sespquiterpene Synthesis in Escherichia coliTanaka, Ronald; Withers, Sid; Keasling, Jay
1997Directed Research in Dolphin Intelligence at the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal LabortaoryYuen, Michelle
1979The Direction Marine Education Should Take to Meet the Needs of College StudentsSato, Cheryl A.
1983Distribution of Machrobrachium rosengbergii in an Circulated vs. Uncirculated Pond SystemTamayose, Kerry H.
1997Distribution, Abundance, Growth and Recruitment of the Black-Lip Pearl Oyster, Pinctada Margaritifera in Kane'ohe Bay, O'ahu, Hawai'iRodgers, S. Ku'ulei
1996The Distributions of the Introduced Rhodophytes, Kappaphycus alvarezii (Doty), Kappaphycus striatum Schmitz and Gracilaria salicornia and the Physical Factors Correlated with these Distributions in Kane'ohe Bay, O'ahu, Hawai'iRodgers, S. Ku'ulei
1983Dynamic Processes of Hilo BayBernard, Nancy D.; Anne M. Orcutt
1988Educating the Public on Hawaii's Coastal Environment with an Emphasis on Marine Environmental ProblemsSalvaggio, Anthony
1989Education of Grade-School Students about the Coral Reef Ecosystem in Kaneohe BayStender, George
1998Educational Beach Activities Resource NotebookBaptiste, Kevin
2000The Effect of Substrate and Environmental Gradients on Attached Diatom DistributionRock, Lyndsey K.
2000The Effect of Substrate and Environmental Gradients on Attached Diatom DistributionRock, Lindsey K.
Effects of Canopy Size on Stratification and Shade Adaptations of Zooxanthellae and Chlorophyll in the Reef Coral Pocillopora damicornisRosenfeld, C.S.
The Effects of Ecological Gradients on Epiphytic Benthic Dinoflagellates Found in Hawaiian WatersSettlemier, Chelsie
1997The Effects of Human Interactions on the Population of Wild Spinner Dolphins, Stenella longirostris, off the Waianae Coast of OahuSayles, Karen
2003The Effects of Introduced Fish Species on the Endemic Shrimp of Anchialine PondsAcly, Meredith