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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980A Case of Spontaneous Muscle Necrosis in Cultured Fresh Water Prawns, Macrobracium rosenberg IIAkiyama, Dean
2001A Case Study of Seagrasses in Hawaii: Halophila decipiens and Halophila hawaiiana (Hydrocharitaceae)Siegenthaler, Anne
1982Chaetodon Multicinctus: Size Comparisons of Pair MembersBond, Jeffrey T.
26-Jan-2012Checklist of Fishes from the Tongan IslandsYasuda, Chad
2002Ciguatera on the Island of Hawai'i: Windward vs. Leeward Shores - A Look at Two Species of Fish: Cephalopholis argus (Roi) & Ctenochaetus strigosus (Kole)White, Darla J.
1982Coastal Zone Resource Interpretation: Kawai Nui Marsh, O'ahu, Hawai'i - Phase I: Literary Research - Phase II: Archaeological Field ResearchSimons, Jeannette A.
2007A Comparison of Observational Surf Forecasts on Oahu's North ShoreVasconcellos, Sarah Maile K.
1980A Comparison of Two Visual Survey Techniques for Fish PopulationsSanderson, S. Laurie; Solonsky, Allan C.; Burgett, Jeff M.; Hirata, Janice S.; Kadowaki, Kay N.; Kawamoto, Kurt E.; Kees, Dennis L.; Kleh, Cynthia L.; Rumbaugh, Frank W.; Sanborn, Victoria M.
1980Comprehension of an Imposed Language by Bottle-Nosed DolphinsSyracuse, Muguette
2001Conservation of Coral Reef and Potential of Black-lip Pearl OysterYamada, Tomoaki
1997Coral Cover, Diversity and Zonation Patterns on the Submerged 1955 Lava Flow at Kehena, Hawaii.Holland
1995Coral Reef Monitoring Kapoho, Hawai'i 1995Walsh, Kelly; Tomoko, Kato; Hellen, Katherine
1996Coral Reef Monitoring Richardsons Ocean Center Summer 1995Bousenberry, Ray; Maurice, Melissa; Wheat, Heather
1979Cost Analysis of Fish Containing TanksShigeoka, Ralph
1997Cultivating Hawaii's Ornamental Fish IndustryBish, James R.
1991Determination of the Distribution of Cilia on the Surface of the Mantle of Cypraea caputserperntis Utilizing Scanning Electron MicroscopyYokoi, Tracie
1983Development and Implementation of a Disaster Assist Team, designed to Respond to Local Disaster Relief Needs.Sanborn, Gregory Michael; Buote, Denise; Carey, Randy; Charoensin-o-larn, Chairat; Harr, Randy; Isobe, Alan; Kinoshita,Keith
2002Development of Magnetic Immunobead Assay for the Efficient Detection of Histamine in Fish ProductsTanaka, Ronald
2005Digestive Physiology of SharksRusso, Steve
2002Directed Evolution of Sespquiterpene Synthesis in Escherichia coliTanaka, Ronald; Withers, Sid; Keasling, Jay