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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977The Feeding Intensity of Larval Moi, Polydactylus sexfilis, on Artemia naupliiStahl, Kristin
1977Sediment Study in Kaneohe BaySinai, Joann
1977A Key to the Larvae of the Polychaetous Annelids of the Hawaiian IslandsWard, Linda
1977Investigation of the Green Turtle in Feeding Pastures of Ka'u, HawaiiWright, R; Lay, M.
1977The First Annual Quarry Pond Fishing DerbySuiso, Mark; Senaga, Janet H.; Eckert, David B.
1977An Internship in the Coastal Zone Management ProgramTakemoto, Roy
1977Leeward Islands Baseline SurveyYamase, Dennis; Douglas, Davis
1977Marine Mammal Training in the Open OceanSharpe, Scott
1978Journal of a Fish Production TechnicianSuiso, Mark
1978The Rearing of Topminnows in Richarson's PondBotello, Michael C.; Finnegan, Patrick M.; Jennings, Wallace H.
1979The Direction Marine Education Should Take to Meet the Needs of College StudentsSato, Cheryl A.
1979Selected Aspects of the Reproductive Biology of Glyphododontops biocellatusRogers, Christopher
1979Cost Analysis of Fish Containing TanksShigeoka, Ralph
1979Marine Education Internship: Acquisition of Skill in Marine Transportation of Petroleum and Chemical ProductsAune, Bjorn R.
1979Instructor's Aide of the University of Hawaii Aquaculture Courses (Fall 1978)Shiraishi, Debra
1980Comprehension of an Imposed Language by Bottle-Nosed DolphinsSyracuse, Muguette
1980A Comparison of Two Visual Survey Techniques for Fish PopulationsSanderson, S. Laurie; Solonsky, Allan C.; Burgett, Jeff M.; Hirata, Janice S.; Kadowaki, Kay N.; Kawamoto, Kurt E.; Kees, Dennis L.; Kleh, Cynthia L.; Rumbaugh, Frank W.; Sanborn, Victoria M.
1980A Case of Spontaneous Muscle Necrosis in Cultured Fresh Water Prawns, Macrobracium rosenberg IIAkiyama, Dean
1981Survey and Topographical Map of Fish Pond at Grove Farm HomesteadSnyder, Virginia
1981An Internship with Brewer Chemical Corporation Training in Analytical Techniques for Water Quality ChemistrySedwick, Peter