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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010A half step ahead : marriage discourses in Japanese women's magazinesHolthus-Wiecking, Barbara G.
2008Anti-futenma relocation movement in Okinawa : women's involvement and the impact of sit-in protestYamashiro, Rinda
2008Antiwar protest in post-9.11 Japan, 2001-2004Hamajima, Yuki
2007Are there significant differences between military and civilian dyads affected by intimate partner violence? : a mixed methods comparative studyWilliamson, Deborah
Aug-2011Becoming Filipino in Hawaiʻi : rejection, reframing, and acceptance of a stigmatized identityEisen, Daniel B.
May-2011Between self-interested and socio-pschological motivations : the complexity and dynamic of ethnic conflict decision in IndonesiaAnsori, Mohammad Hasan
May-2011Blogging and political mobilization among minority Indians in MalaysiaRathina Pandi, Asha
1988Capitalist-class formation and the limits of class power in KoreaSǒ, Chae-jin
1979The childbearing years, common residence with parents, and woman's work in KoreaBuchmeier, Francis X.
2007A comparison of international adoptions of children from the Republic of Marshall Islands in the United States with adoptions of children from China and The Russian FederationUrbanc, Klemen
May-2008The construction of human trafficking as a social problem; A case study of norwayStrom, Ida F.
Dec-2011Contesting conceptions of disability in Javanese society after the Suharto regime : the case of Yogyakarta, IndonesiaThohari, Slamet
2008Contesting economic development : discourses, methods, and byproducts of the residents' movement against the oil industry in Okinawa, 1973-1983Uehara, Kozue
Aug-2014Cool vocations in japan's global pop culture industries : from young fans to skilled animators and manga artistsDziesinski, Michael Joseph
Dec-2012Cultural model as an alternative approach to analyze familial transfersWongkaren, Turro Selrits
May-2012Cyberspace as equalizer : opening up lifeworlds and empowering persons with disabilities in the PhilippinesNoble, Cecilia Dionco
1976The development of nations : temporal relationships from an ecological perspectivePerry, Paul Edward
2004The discourse of workers democracy in China as a terrain of ideological struggle in the moment of transition from state socialismPhilion, Stephen
May-2014A divided community seeks Lōkahi : an exploration of social change and 'sense of place' in KailuaHorton, Michelle B.
1987Economic development and industrial order in South Korea : interactions between the state and labor in the process of export-oriented industrializationLee, Jeong Taik