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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1965The Samoans of the Nanakuli-Makaha area of Oahu, HawaiiYost, Monica Elizabeth
May-2014The Seoul of black folks African-American women's experiences with the "gaze" in Korea and JapanBento, Asia Inez
1991Sexual harassment and sexual assault: university students' attitudes towards sexual victimization of womenLuo, Tsun-yin
2008Signs of change : The next two decades of the agricultural women's groups in ThailandChinnasri, Oranutda
May-2011Slow food : a globalized social movement with an anti-globalization missionSpringer, Alexandra
1988Social class and health services utilization in Korea : social-psychological and structural factors affecting use differentialsCho, Sung-Nam
1994Social control in Chinese work organizationXu, Xinyi
1992A socio-economic analysis of labor force development in Taiwan (1950-1988)Liu, Chang-Hwai Wang
1991A socio-historical analysis of the crown-based health ensembles (CBHEs) in Hawaii : a Sartrean approachKamakahi, Jeffrey J.
Aug-2003Sources of labor disputes in East Asian invested enterprises in China: from an institutional and organizational perspectiveChoi, Young-Jin
1991State influence in the resettlement of Southeast Asian refugees in the state of HawaiiChabot, Richard Carl
1986Structural, organizational and social psychological variables : an integrated approach to the question of gender differentiated career development patternsAndes, Ruth Elizabeth
Dec-2002A Study of Burnout in Special Treatment Facility Direct Service ProvidersGanes, Dane Z.Y.
2005To Okinawa and back again : Okinawan Kibei Nisei identity in HawaiiMaehara, Kinuko
1978Urban social structure : a case study of slums in Bangkok, ThailandJohnson, Thomas Eric
Dec-2002Voices of Japanese Women: The Domestic Violence Experiences in Their Intimate Relationships with American MenArai, Meiko
2008When the diaspora returns : Transnational racial and ethnic identity formation among Japanese Americans in global TokyoYamashiro, Jane Hisa
May-2011Who do you come out to ? Individuals' struggle over coming out in Japan and the role of sexual minority groupsMotoyama, Kotona
1988The yobiko, the institutionalized supplementary educational institution in Japan : a study of the social stratification processTsukada, Mamoru