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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Agentivity of passives and inchoatives in second language learners of English and KoreanJoo, Hye Ri
1995Aspects of communicative accommodation in oral proficiency interview discourseRoss, Steven John
Dec-2003Corrective recasts' and other-correction of language form in interaction among native and non-native speakers of English: the application of conversation analysis to second language acquisitionHauser, Eric K.
Aug-2014Creating spaces to belong : multiparty storytelling among transnational women in HawaiʻiLee, Hakyoon
Aug-2003Effects of input elaboration and enhancement on second language vocabulary acquisition through reading by Korean learners of EnglishKim, Youngkyu
2008An exploration of examinee abilities, rater performance, and task differences using diverse analytic techniquesPark, Siwon
Aug-2014Information structure and dative word-order alternations in English and Korean : l1 children, l2 children, and l2 adultsPark, Kyae-Sung
2005Lifers and FOBs, rocks and resistance : generation 1.5, identity, and the cultural productions of ESL in a high schoolTalmy, Steven
2008"No me llames de usted, tratame de tu" : L2 address behavior development through synchronous computer-mediated communicationGonzalez-Lloret, Marta
May-2013Pragmatic assessment in L2 interaction : applied conversation analysis for pedagogic interventionCheng, Tsui-Ping
May-2011The discursive management of emotionality in the L2 research interviewPrior, Matthew Thomas
May-2011The effects of frequency, distribution, mode of presentation, and first language on learning an artificial languageMiyata, Munehiko
Aug-2012The implementation of genre-based tasks in foreign language writing instruction : a longitudinal study of writers' rhetorical awareness, writing quality, and lexicogrammatical choicesYasuda, Sachiko
2004Validity evaluation in foreign language assessmentNorris, John M.
Aug-2014Wh-existential words : a comparative study of English-Chinese and Korean-Chinese interlanguagesChu, Wei