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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Estimating the effectiveness of diagnostic technologies in government of Belize/Ministry of Health hospital based perinatal managementTucker, Robert Verne
1993Evaluation of the effect of third-party financial incentives on the rate of generic drug utilizationBooker, Sam F.
May-2011Examining the influence of school connectedness on interpersonal youth violence preventionChung-Do, Jane Jaeeun
1984An exploratory study of quality circles and team building in two hospital settingsGunatilake, Sarath
May-2014Exploring chronic disease disparities in Korean Americans and interventions to reduce disparitiesHeo, Hyun Hee
1993Factors associated with child vaccination status : residential mobility and a mother's employment, knowledge, attitudes, and beliefsHatcher, Penny Ann
1993Factors which influence medical decision making : a case study in a general hospitalYamashiro, Lily H.
1967A field and laboratory study of the storage and preservation of breadfruit as practiced in the South Pacific islandsParker, Robert Davis Rickard
1987From people to policy to program : empowerment in community primary health careRody, Nancy
May-2012HIV associated neurocognitive disorders and lentiviral vector-mediated stable expression of anti-HIV-1 Tat intrabodies in human macrophage, neuronal, and primary peripheral blood mononuclear cells as a potential therapy for neuroAIDSByron, Mary Margaret
Aug-2014Impacts of Hawaiian language loss and promotion via the linguistic landscapeTownsend, Claire Martin
1996The influence of selected factors on the knowledge, perceptions, and academic practices of faculty of schools of public health in China about the increasing sex ratio as a priority social issue : implications for professional educationHoladay, Stephanie D.
1991Latrine promotion in rural Thailand : a study of selected factors influencing community participationChaninat Varothai
1993Leadership style and employee stress outcomesTanabe, Mildred
1987Long-term care institutionalization : an analysis of factors influencing selection by elderly persons and their familiesVarney, Joyce Mitchell
Aug-2014Native Hawaiian adolescents' weight status, physical activity and dietary behaviorsNg-Osorio, Jacqueline Mei Lin
1992Occupational stress management : matching interventions with employee characteristicsJohnson, Kenneth A.
Dec-2011Parent-teen communication and adolescent sexual behavior in HawaiiAung, Nandar
1992Participatory action research to improve health problem solving practice at the district level in Krok Phra District, Nakhon Sawan, ThailandKing, Stephen Wheeler
1992A policy analysis of the first component required by P.L. 99-457 : who will be served?Johnson, Jean L.