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1961The effect of variation in power pattern on the formation of coalitions in tetradsShears, Loyda Ada Mosier
1963The effects of auditory stimulation on the critical flicker fusion frequency responseMiller, Howard Lee
1966Short-term memory in the mentally retarded: an application of the dichotic listening techniqueNeufeldt, Aldred Homer
1966An investigation of the influence of mental retardation on college students' judgments of social distanceDent, Harold Edward
1966Relationship of generalization to awareness in verbal conditioningThaver, Falak
1966The effect of conditioned stimulus intensity in classical conditioning of the common carpWoodard, William Theodore
1966The effect of food deprivation on visual responding in humansCole, Robert Eugene
1966The effect of response class and inter-trial activity on verbal operant conditioning and their relationship with a post-conditioning interviewDixon, Paul William
1966The effects of meaningful similarity and practice in the transfer of trainingSteinberg, Danny D.
1967Reinforcement of leadership behavior in specially-constructed groupsZdep, Stanley Michael
1967Perception of leadership status in a free operant group discussion situation as a function of the knowledge of reinforcement contingencyKhemka, Kailash Chandra
1967The effects of variations in task, practice conditions and mental age on the learning of subnormal and average subjectsMordock, John Bayley
1967Generalization of operant conditioning of verbal output in three-man discussion groupsDavid, Kenneth H.
1968The effects of insecurity, task ambiguity, and sex on conformityHunter, Kenneth Robert
1969Interference effects in short-term motor memoryPepper, Ross Laurence
1969Cognitive behavior modification: "Motivated learning" reading treatment with parents as therapy-techniciansRyback, David
1969The relationship of prenatal and first year postnatal variables to personality factors in children in mid-childhoodHedemann, Nancy Oakley
1969Adaptation to visual displacement through a water-air interfaceO'Reilly, Joseph Patrick
1969Evaluative meaning and similarity to self-concept as conditioners of attitudes toward trigramsStalling, Richard Bettin
1969Acculturation and personality among Japanese-American college students in HawaiiMeredith, Gerald M.