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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The self-control and self-management scale (SCMS): a general measure of self-control and self-management skillsMezo, Peter G.
1976Self-reinforcement in the elderly as a function of feedback and modelingWeiner, Howard R.
1985The sensory and cognitive processing profile : an ethnocultural and developmental studyCaringer, Ellen Rae
Aug-2014Serotonin : from mouse models to human disordersJensen, Ashley Layne
1991Sexual harassment in academia: scenario construction and gender differences in students' behavioral definitions and judgmentsHippensteele, Susan K.
1966Short-term memory in the mentally retarded: an application of the dichotic listening techniqueNeufeldt, Aldred Homer
1980Short-term training of college composition students in the use of freewriting and problem-solving heuristics for rhetorical invention : a comparative evaluationHilgers, Thomas Lee
1993The significance of imaging ability and cognitive style in the creative processSwope, Elise Anne Lefkowitz
2005Sound localization and auditory perception by an echolocating bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)Branstetter, Brian K.
1994Stress (burnout), social climate, and leadership patterns in organizational settingsChun, Gregory
1975Structural dimensions of 4 behavior therapy journalsMiley, Alan D.
1978A study of the development of topical behavior within an experimental relationship frameWinskowski, Christine
1982The stylus-maze test in neuropsychological assessmentYoung, Theodore W.
2004The subjective well-being of beginning vs. advanced Hatha yoga practitionersLee, Grace W.
1970Substance abuseCernozubov, Katarina
2008Superior-subordinate relationships in multicultural workplaces : A qualitative analysisJackson, David S.
May-2003Systems mapping: access to understanding, cooperation, and actionWidoe Jr, Robert Owen
2004Temperament in Chinese children: a comparison of gender and self/parental ratingsChang, Chuan
2008Temperament, parental anxiety and their role in the development of child anxious psychopathologyPhillips, Lisa K.
1976Tests for color discrimination and spectral sensitivity in the bottlenosed dolphin, Tursiops truncatusMadsen, Carolyn