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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Can't buy me love or can I? : the influence of power, attitudes, and attractiveness on women's romantic partner preferencesLe, Yen-Chi Lam
2004Chronic community violence and adolescent peer group activity settings in Rio de Janeiro and Baltimore : a cross cultural comparisonAcosta, Joie D.
2005Clinical utility and incremental validity of brief screening for traumatic event exposure in female university health service patientsWatson, Susan Brooks
1989Clinical, social, and demographic predictors of the one-year outcome of first-incidence psychosis in HawaiiKalal, Beth Ann Burdick
1969Cognitive behavior modification: "Motivated learning" reading treatment with parents as therapy-techniciansRyback, David
Dec-2014Cognitive mechanisms at play : the role of supramodal representations and working memory in melodic perceptionLim, Ahnate James
2008Cognitive strategies for controlling emotional contagionRempala, Dan
May-2014Collaborative identification of assets in South Rome, Georgia using the community capitals framework : exploring influential factors and discovering community strengthsAnglin, Ashley Elizabeth
May-2012Coming to America : the impact of acculturation and cultural identity on the preference for arranged versus love marriage among Indian Hindus residing in the United StatesJeedigunta, Aparajita
1972The comparative effects of verbal information, passive observation, and active observation on the acquisition of classroom management skillsSloggett, Barbara B.
1976A comparison of selected cognitive and affective outcomes among lecture, seminar, and unit mastery methods of presentation of the Psychology of Adjustment course at the University of Hawaii at ManoaBach, William J.
1977The competent academic problem solver : toward an integrated modelRoberts, Richard N.
1970Complex learning in the dolphin with auditory stimuliBeach, Frank Ambrose
2004A comprehensive inventory of sexual motivesBrowning, James R.
1974A computer simulation of a language conditioning of attitude paradigmNataupsky, Mark
1989Construction and validation of a conflict management inventoryGoldstein, Susan B.
2002The continuous performance test: separate and interactive effects of task and subject variables on children's vigilanceChung, Kyong-Mee
1993Coronary heart disease and ethnic identificationSekimura, Alben Yoshitaka
1994Cross-modal recognition of complexly-shaped objects by a bottlenosed dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) using vision and echolocationPack, Adam Ari
1979Delivery of mental health services in three developing Asian nations : feasibility and cultural sensitivity of "modern psychiatry"Higginbotham, Howard N, 1949