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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Abstract conservation tasks as a measurement for cognitive development in adultsLarsen, Stirling David
1969Acculturation and personality among Japanese-American college students in HawaiiMeredith, Gerald M.
1969Adaptation to visual displacement through a water-air interfaceO'Reilly, Joseph Patrick
2008Aloha `aina : A Hawaiian garden intervention designed to plant the seeds of recovery in persons with severe and persistent mental illnessIsaacs, Patti Mieko
1975Altruism, ambiance, and action : a study of rural and urban effects on helping behaviorWeiner, Ferne H.
2003Analog observation of parent-child communication with children who are deaf or hard of hearingStern, Jeffrey D.
Aug-2014Assessing behavioral intention towards using evidence-based practices among community clinicians serving children and familiesBurgess, Alexandra Michaela
1988Associated features of depression subtypes based on strength and frequency of pleasant events : implications from the Staats- Heiby paradigmatic behaviorism theoryRose, Gordon Douglas
1990Association and dissociation : individual differencesMcCann, Sean Cairbre
2004Association between suicide attemps and insight among individuals with serious mental illnessGonzález, Vivian M.M.
1984Associations of parental cognition, personality, and home environment with offspring cognition and personalityNagoshi, Craig Tetsuo
Aug-2003Attention deficits and working memory: phonological and visuospatial memory subsystems as mediators of central executive function and scholastic achievement in childrenScalan, Sean W.
1978Attribution of causation and responsibility in the context of life-threatening illnessPatrick, Pamela K.S.
1994Battered women : correlates of their attributions about abusePelowski, Susan Rae
1985Behavior therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder : an alternative frameworkWelkowitz, Lawrence Andrew
1992Behavioral effects of food : an exploratory studyNiino, James S.
1975Behavioral self-control : training students in the self-improvement of studyingFo, Walter S.O.
1979Beliefs, attitudes, intentions and behavior : the gay rights issueTowne, William Scott
Aug-2014A brief non-dieting intervention increases intuitive eating and reduces dieting intention, body image dissatisfaction, and anti-fat attitudes : a randomized controlled trialWilson, Rebecca Ellen
Aug-2014Building one strong 'ohana : promoting data-informed policy advocacy in a statewide coalition dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglectCardazone, Gina