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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011Knowledge, experience, and opinions of Chinese clinicians about eating disordersHuang, Yue
2004Lesions suggest the lateral amygdala is partially involved in conditioned but not unconditioned defensive behavior in ratsHubbard, David Thomas
Dec-2002Minority Groups' Conceptualization of Multiculturalism and Ethnic Identity in Hawai'i: The Japanese American and Polynesian ExperienceGraf, Jennifer A.
Dec-2012Oddity learning in honeybees (Apis mellifera)Muszynski, Nicole Marie
2005A pilot study of the effects of martial arts training on children's symptoms of psychopathologyYoung, John, 1949
Dec-2011Popping the hood : disruptive behavior disorders, comorbidity, and therapeutic practices in community mental healthOrimoto, Trina Etsuko
Aug-2008Predictors of psychiatric hospitalization referral by a mobile crisis teamPinson, Catherine C.
May-2012Psychological perspectives on sex : a look into receptivity to casual sex based on genderHarwood-Tappe, Mercedes Elissandra
2008A psychometric analysis of the parent version of the revised child anxiety and depression scale in a clinical sampleEbesutani, Chad K.
Dec-2002Psychometric Evaluation of the Adult Life Adjustment Inventory Schedule (ALAIS) for DepressionLee, Judy H.
2004Psychosocial adjustment of Vietnamese immigrants in HawaiʻiFox, Stephen
May-2003The relationship between presleep cognitions and delayed sleep-onset in a sample of women seeking treatment for sexual assaultFast, Katherine M.S.
2005Reliability and validity evidence for the dual-disorder treatment fidelity scaleWilson, Diane C.
2004Reliability and validity of readiness-to-change measures among dual diagnosis hospital inpatientsAnthony, Cynthia J'
2008Reporting behavior problems as a function of reporting method in a primary care setting among females of Asian, Pacific Islander, and White descent in HawaiʻiYoshioka, Dawn T.
May-2012Resilience and disaster recovery in American Samoa : a case study of the 2009 Pacific tsunamiBinder, Sherri Brokopp
2008Sex differences in mate preferences for athletic prowessTolman, Ryan
May-2003Short term memory for behavior in the Bottlenose Dolphin (Turisops truncates)Cowan, Rebecca Beth
2004Social manipulation in the bottlenose dolphin : a study of deception and inhibitionMiller, Amy A.
Dec-2014Social participation and depression in parents of children with developmental disability : a mediational modelOlsen, Darren Lorenzo