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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2012A computational investigation of relational reasoning in nonhuman animalsCiraolo, Margeaux Faye
Dec-2011A multimodal comparison of temporal order judgments in musicians and non-musiciansLim, Ahnate James
2007Acquisition and consolidation of contextual fear conditioning : role of CRF receptor in shock or predator odor induced fearNakashima, Brandy R.
Dec-2012Addressing conflicts in sensory dominance researchChandra, Marvin
Dec-2012Assessing consumer intent to engage in evidence-based services in parents of youth with mental health disordersChang, Jaime Puahiehieikamak
2008Assessing schizotypal traits in children and adolescents : development of the SPQ-youthMaeda, Justin A.M
2004The association between the quality of family relationships and child psychopathologyKimhan, Cassian B.K.
Dec-2012Attitudes towards extreme patterns of behaviorTakishima-Lacasa, Julie Yurie
2004Behavioral choices of male humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) on the Hawaiʻian wintering groundsHakala, Siri
May-2012Beliefs and attitudes about disordered eating and the prevention of related problems in high school females : perspectives of parents and staff in a private boarding school settingBrown, Krista Erin
Dec-2011Body image as a mediator of the relationship between body weight and psychological and physical functioningWilson, Rebecca Ellen
2008A certain romance : an examination of the relationship between socioeconomic status and romantic lovePaterson, Jennifer L.
2008Cognitive motivational systems and life satisfaction in severe and persistent mental illnessBello, Iruma
2005Comparative effects of the CRF agonist, ovine CRF, and CRF antagonist, astressin, on homecage behavior patterns and defense in the mouseFarrokhi, Catherine F. Borna
2007Comparing fidelity scores of the supported employment model and subjective outcomes within community mental health centers in the state of HawaiʻiSchaper, Kim M.
Dec-2002A Comparison of Four Measures of Self-Control SkillsMezo, Peter Geza
Dec-2010Comparison of the experience of food restriction between fasting Buddhist monks/nuns and American lay BuddhistsBury, Marcin Michal
Aug-2014Consumer attitudes towards evidence based mental health services among american mental health consumersTeh, Lisa Bee-thuan
May-2012Cultural and religious belief systems, tsunami recovery and disaster risk reduction in American Sāmoa in the aftermath of the September 29, 2009 tsunamiMcGeehan, Kathleen Marie
2008Culture and activity : a case study of Kahua Ola Hou, Molokaʻi, HIGrant, Andrew