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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Temperament in Chinese children: a comparison of gender and self/parental ratingsChang, Chuan
2008Temperament, parental anxiety and their role in the development of child anxious psychopathologyPhillips, Lisa K.
1976Tests for color discrimination and spectral sensitivity in the bottlenosed dolphin, Tursiops truncatusMadsen, Carolyn
1990A theoretical and pragmatic application of paradigmatic behaviorism : screening and identification of high potential/underachievers currently in regular educationHishinuma, Earl Shigemi
2008The thin fantasy : An examination of a potential factor in mass media's self-enhancing effects on restrained eatersTalesfore, Carrie M.
2007Tradition and the street : continuities in the development of Maya street working girls and boys in Chiapas, MexicoTovote, Katrin
1992The transformative computer and the play of mindMacdonald, Colin G.R.
1976The treatment of adolescent obesityWeiss, Arnold R.
1995Twenty-four hour ambulatory blood pressure and heart rate monitoring in Viet Nam veteransMuraoka, Miles Yukito
2008Understanding the migraine aura : combining visual discomfort with stressGonzales, Coty James
May-2014Verbal and non-verbal parental teaching strategies : ethnotheories and efficaciesMorris, Ashley Marie
2004Violent behavior on inpatient psychiatric units : the HCR-20 violence risk assessment schemeKloezeman, Karen C.
1977Wife-husband fertility issues in Hawaii : a social-psychological analysisNorris, Peter S.
1988Young children's memory : the effect of task goal and item organization on immediate and delayed recallHerman, Hannah Schattner