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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The self-control and self-management scale (SCMS): a general measure of self-control and self-management skillsMezo, Peter G.
1976Self-reinforcement in the elderly as a function of feedback and modelingWeiner, Howard R.
1985The sensory and cognitive processing profile : an ethnocultural and developmental studyCaringer, Ellen Rae
Aug-2014Serotonin : from mouse models to human disordersJensen, Ashley Layne
2008Sex differences in mate preferences for athletic prowessTolman, Ryan
1991Sexual harassment in academia: scenario construction and gender differences in students' behavioral definitions and judgmentsHippensteele, Susan K.
May-2003Short term memory for behavior in the Bottlenose Dolphin (Turisops truncates)Cowan, Rebecca Beth
1966Short-term memory in the mentally retarded: an application of the dichotic listening techniqueNeufeldt, Aldred Homer
1980Short-term training of college composition students in the use of freewriting and problem-solving heuristics for rhetorical invention : a comparative evaluationHilgers, Thomas Lee
1993The significance of imaging ability and cognitive style in the creative processSwope, Elise Anne Lefkowitz
2004Social manipulation in the bottlenose dolphin : a study of deception and inhibitionMiller, Amy A.
Dec-2014Social participation and depression in parents of children with developmental disability : a mediational modelOlsen, Darren Lorenzo
2004Social power and long term mate preferencesLe, Yen-Chi Lam
2005Sound localization and auditory perception by an echolocating bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)Branstetter, Brian K.
1994Stress (burnout), social climate, and leadership patterns in organizational settingsChun, Gregory
1975Structural dimensions of 4 behavior therapy journalsMiley, Alan D.
1978A study of the development of topical behavior within an experimental relationship frameWinskowski, Christine
1982The stylus-maze test in neuropsychological assessmentYoung, Theodore W.
2004The subjective well-being of beginning vs. advanced Hatha yoga practitionersLee, Grace W.
1970Substance abuseCernozubov, Katarina