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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2012A computational investigation of relational reasoning in nonhuman animalsCiraolo, Margeaux Faye
Dec-2010A group randomized trial to examine the feasibility and effects of pedometer use and self-monitoring of daily walking in people with severe and persistent mental illnessesChao, Puihan Joyce
Dec-2011A multimodal comparison of temporal order judgments in musicians and non-musiciansLim, Ahnate James
1978Abstract conservation tasks as a measurement for cognitive development in adultsLarsen, Stirling David
1969Acculturation and personality among Japanese-American college students in HawaiiMeredith, Gerald M.
2007Acquisition and consolidation of contextual fear conditioning : role of CRF receptor in shock or predator odor induced fearNakashima, Brandy R.
1969Adaptation to visual displacement through a water-air interfaceO'Reilly, Joseph Patrick
Dec-2012Addressing conflicts in sensory dominance researchChandra, Marvin
Aug-2012Alliance after evidence : the impact of youth-therapist alliance on treatment outcome for internalizing youth, over and above protocol effectsPestle, Sarah Lilley
2008Aloha `aina : A Hawaiian garden intervention designed to plant the seeds of recovery in persons with severe and persistent mental illnessIsaacs, Patti Mieko
1975Altruism, ambiance, and action : a study of rural and urban effects on helping behaviorWeiner, Ferne H.
May-2013An examination of attitudes and stigma in the context of weight acceptanceMurakami, Jessica Michie
2003Analog observation of parent-child communication with children who are deaf or hard of hearingStern, Jeffrey D.
Aug-2014Assessing behavioral intention towards using evidence-based practices among community clinicians serving children and familiesBurgess, Alexandra Michaela
Dec-2012Assessing consumer intent to engage in evidence-based services in parents of youth with mental health disordersChang, Jaime Puahiehieikamak
2008Assessing schizotypal traits in children and adolescents : development of the SPQ-youthMaeda, Justin A.M
Aug-2011Assessing stability between treatment plans and reported practices in a system of careLynch, Roxanna Evelyn
1988Associated features of depression subtypes based on strength and frequency of pleasant events : implications from the Staats- Heiby paradigmatic behaviorism theoryRose, Gordon Douglas
1990Association and dissociation : individual differencesMcCann, Sean Cairbre
2004Association between suicide attemps and insight among individuals with serious mental illnessGonzález, Vivian M.M.