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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1974Effects of training in repetition and mediation on paired-associate learning and practical memory in the agedDeLeon, Jean Louise Murphy
1980Effects of typicality on recall and clustering in a free recall task : a developmental studyBrandt, Mary Elizabeth
1967The effects of variations in task, practice conditions and mental age on the learning of subnormal and average subjectsMordock, John Bayley
1973The effects of varying covert reinforcement and covert behavior rehearsal instructions on friendly assertive behavior : an automated self-control procedureStevens, Thomas Granville
2004Effects of verbal IQ, gender, prior knowledge, and modality upon memory for clinical informationYim, Letitia Mew
2008The effects of working alliance and consumer-provider ethnic match on recovery status in community-based rehabilitative programsChao, Puihan Joyce
1975The efficacy of modeling, rehearsal, and reinforcement expectancy for training children in class-relevant skillsLam, David James
2008Emotional contagion in children with autism and without autismFukunaga, Landry L.
1991Emotional-motivational responses in subclinical bipolar disorderRiedel, Helmut
1977Environmental relations to cognitive abilities across three ethnic groupsWilson, Kenneth W.
Dec-2014Estimating employment status in a sample of participants with traumatic brain injury referred for neuropsychological assessment for treatment planning or for litigation purposesLarsen, James Douglas
Dec-2003Ethnic differences in the relationship between depression and health-related quality of life in persons with Type 2 DiabetesKaholokula, Joseph Keawe╩╗aimoku
2003Ethnic differential item functioning in the assessment of quality of lifePagano, Ian S.
1991Ethnicity as a mediator of a social skillAkamine, Hale S.T.
2008Evaluation of the reliability of an instrument to assess the content of treatment planning documents within the Child and Adolescent Mental Health DivisionYoung, John
1969Evaluative meaning and similarity to self-concept as conditioners of attitudes toward trigramsStalling, Richard Bettin
1994Event-related potentials in young childrenTodorovich, Rod D.
2004An examination of the accuracy of Medicaid claims data, a state management information system, and community mental health center clinical records in Hawai╩╗iSlay, Julie A.
2008Examining the model of the Child Behavior ChecklistTerry, Rustin S.
May-2014Experienceing bisexual identity : the effect of identity threat and identity verification on bisexual individualsFlanders, Corey Elizabeth