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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2014Does the squeaky wheel get the grease ? Therapy targets for youth with comorbid internalizing and externalizing diagnosesWinfree, Matthew Ryan
1979Early parental influences on beginning reading in preschool aged children : implications for a cognitive frameworkKunimitsu, Vivian Yoshie
Dec-2014An ecological momentary assessment study of mood state and working memory capacity in college students who experience frequent mood fluctuationsPolokoff, Rachael
Dec-2010Ecology and social behavior of a resident manta ray (Manta alfredi) population off Maui, HawaiʻiDeakos, Mark H.
1993The effect of air travel on sleep and seizure frequency for individuals with epilepsyTrevorrow, Tracy
1974The effect of cognitive activity on attitude change and attitude stabilityStephenson, Stanley D.
1966The effect of conditioned stimulus intensity in classical conditioning of the common carpWoodard, William Theodore
2008Effect of context on mimicry and emotional contagion : does disliking inhibit mimicry and emotional contagion?Aylward, Alison Gastorf
May-2014The effect of expectations on susceptibility to emotional contagionThornton, Paul David
1966The effect of food deprivation on visual responding in humansCole, Robert Eugene
1985Effect of neurotraining on the cognitive rehabilitation of brain damage or dysfunction : an initial analysisArmstrong-Cassidy, Amanda S.
1966The effect of response class and inter-trial activity on verbal operant conditioning and their relationship with a post-conditioning interviewDixon, Paul William
1961The effect of variation in power pattern on the formation of coalitions in tetradsShears, Loyda Ada Mosier
2007The effects of a Hawaiian language immersion program of student and family developmentLuning, Rebecca J.I
1963The effects of auditory stimulation on the critical flicker fusion frequency responseMiller, Howard Lee
Dec-2002The Effects of Context and Ethnocultural Identity on Leader-Member ExchangeJackson, David S.
1989The effects of differential language conditioning on fear responsesCampos, Peter E.
1971The effects of incentives on the test performance of Hawaiians and CaucasiansKubany, Edward S.
1968The effects of insecurity, task ambiguity, and sex on conformityHunter, Kenneth Robert
2004Effects of lesions to the dorsal and ventral hippocampus on defensive behaviors in ratsPentkowski, Nathan S.