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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1970Complex learning in the dolphin with auditory stimuliBeach, Frank Ambrose
2004A comprehensive inventory of sexual motivesBrowning, James R.
1974A computer simulation of a language conditioning of attitude paradigmNataupsky, Mark
1989Construction and validation of a conflict management inventoryGoldstein, Susan B.
Aug-2014Consumer attitudes towards evidence based mental health services among american mental health consumersTeh, Lisa Bee-thuan
2002The continuous performance test: separate and interactive effects of task and subject variables on children's vigilanceChung, Kyong-Mee
1993Coronary heart disease and ethnic identificationSekimura, Alben Yoshitaka
1994Cross-modal recognition of complexly-shaped objects by a bottlenosed dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) using vision and echolocationPack, Adam Ari
2008Culture and activity : a case study of Kahua Ola Hou, MolokaŹ»i, HIGrant, Andrew
1979Delivery of mental health services in three developing Asian nations : feasibility and cultural sensitivity of "modern psychiatry"Higginbotham, Howard N, 1949
1982The detection of faking on neuropsychological testsFreedland, Kenneth Elliot
Dec-2002Detection of Sexual Orientation: Accuracy of Judgments Based on Minimal InformationNussbaum, Robin E.
1994Determinants of self-efficacy beliefs among inner-city youth : a study of efficacy development in community contextChin, Dorothy
1970The development of a reinforcements inventory and its relation to smoking behaviorHaag, Richard Alan
1986The development of MMPI predictors of the psychotherapy offset effect among medical patientsStoddard, Victoria Morein
Dec-2003The development of scale of educational attitudesAzman, Rosiana L.
1972Diagnosis of twin zygosity by means of discriminant analysis of personality test itemsAhern, Elsie Hashimoto
1991Differential sibling environments and their influences on educational attainmentHonbo, Kelly Ann Miyoshi
1978Differential weighting of stimulus information as a function of positive and negative behavioral orientationsMirjafari, Ahmad
1982The dimensionality of cross-cultural cognition: personality (cognitive motivation) as measured by the General Environmental/Personal Life Indices (GE/PLIS) (a multivariate instrument), sex and alcohol-related behaviorsDriver, Judith L. Samet