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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Associations of parental cognition, personality, and home environment with offspring cognition and personalityNagoshi, Craig Tetsuo
Aug-2003Attention deficits and working memory: phonological and visuospatial memory subsystems as mediators of central executive function and scholastic achievement in childrenScalan, Sean W.
Dec-2012Attitudes towards extreme patterns of behaviorTakishima-Lacasa, Julie Yurie
1978Attribution of causation and responsibility in the context of life-threatening illnessPatrick, Pamela K.S.
1994Battered women : correlates of their attributions about abusePelowski, Susan Rae
1985Behavior therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder : an alternative frameworkWelkowitz, Lawrence Andrew
2004Behavioral choices of male humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) on the Hawaiʻian wintering groundsHakala, Siri
1992Behavioral effects of food : an exploratory studyNiino, James S.
1975Behavioral self-control : training students in the self-improvement of studyingFo, Walter S.O.
May-2012Beliefs and attitudes about disordered eating and the prevention of related problems in high school females : perspectives of parents and staff in a private boarding school settingBrown, Krista Erin
1979Beliefs, attitudes, intentions and behavior : the gay rights issueTowne, William Scott
Dec-2011Body image as a mediator of the relationship between body weight and psychological and physical functioningWilson, Rebecca Ellen
Aug-2014A brief non-dieting intervention increases intuitive eating and reduces dieting intention, body image dissatisfaction, and anti-fat attitudes : a randomized controlled trialWilson, Rebecca Ellen
Aug-2014Building one strong 'ohana : promoting data-informed policy advocacy in a statewide coalition dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglectCardazone, Gina
2008Can't buy me love or can I? : the influence of power, attitudes, and attractiveness on women's romantic partner preferencesLe, Yen-Chi Lam
2008A certain romance : an examination of the relationship between socioeconomic status and romantic lovePaterson, Jennifer L.
2004Chronic community violence and adolescent peer group activity settings in Rio de Janeiro and Baltimore : a cross cultural comparisonAcosta, Joie D.
2005Clinical utility and incremental validity of brief screening for traumatic event exposure in female university health service patientsWatson, Susan Brooks
1989Clinical, social, and demographic predictors of the one-year outcome of first-incidence psychosis in HawaiiKalal, Beth Ann Burdick
1969Cognitive behavior modification: "Motivated learning" reading treatment with parents as therapy-techniciansRyback, David