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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1967Perception of leadership status in a free operant group discussion situation as a function of the knowledge of reinforcement contingencyKhemka, Kailash Chandra
1986The perception of psychological and physical symptom severity : demographic and psychosocial correlatesAnderson, Robert Milford, 1943
Aug-2012Perfectionism coping flexibility and psychological distress in college studentsZhang, Yiling
1976Performance of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) on delayed auditory sequences and delayed auditory successive discriminationsThompson, Roger K.R.
1986Personality and motivational factors that predict successful occupational mobility of women in businessVanderslice-Beller, Suellyn
2005A pilot study of the effects of martial arts training on children's symptoms of psychopathologyYoung, John, 1949
Dec-2011Popping the hood : disruptive behavior disorders, comorbidity, and therapeutic practices in community mental healthOrimoto, Trina Etsuko
Dec-2014Predicting progress ratings on disruptive behavior targets with practices derived from the evidence-baseOrimoto, Trina Etsuko
1980The prediction of success : educational, occupational and financialTatsuguchi, Rosalie K.
Aug-2013Predictors and motivational taxonomy of youth elopement from out-of-home mental health placementKu, Jarrett George Kekona
Aug-2008Predictors of psychiatric hospitalization referral by a mobile crisis teamPinson, Catherine C.
1987Preventive health behavior : a model of adherence predictionDubanoski, Joan Pabst
May-2012Psycho-social phenotype and brain n-sulfated heparan sulfates in MeCP2 mutant micePearson, Brandon
May-2012Psychological perspectives on sex : a look into receptivity to casual sex based on genderHarwood-Tappe, Mercedes Elissandra
1983Psychology and social impact assessmentKnox, John M.
2008A psychometric analysis of the parent version of the revised child anxiety and depression scale in a clinical sampleEbesutani, Chad K.
Dec-2002Psychometric Evaluation of the Adult Life Adjustment Inventory Schedule (ALAIS) for DepressionLee, Judy H.
2005A psychometric evaluation of the parental behaviors and beliefs about anxiety questionnaire among a child clinical populationFrancis, Sarah E.
May-2013Psychometric evaluation of the SPQ-Youth with Hawaiʻi school childrenMaeda, Justin Akio Muromoto
2008Psychometric properties of the Concerns about Change Scale : An exploration of concerns about recovery in eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorderGray, Jennifer A.