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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972The reinforcement effects of contingent self-rewardSpeidel, Gisela Elisabeth
1967Reinforcement of leadership behavior in specially-constructed groupsZdep, Stanley Michael
Aug-2014The relations between oral contraceptive medication adherence and relationship satisfaction, attitudes toward pregnancy, and relationship commitment among college females in heterosexual, monogamous, and sexual relationshipsLin, Susan Yu-Jung
May-2014The relationship between perceived racism and cardiovascular reactivity and recovery in native HawaiiansHermosura, Andrea He Pua Po'okela
May-2003The relationship between presleep cognitions and delayed sleep-onset in a sample of women seeking treatment for sexual assaultFast, Katherine M.S.
1966Relationship of generalization to awareness in verbal conditioningThaver, Falak
1983The relationship of mercury to cognitive, affective and perceptual motor functioning in a normal sample in HawaiiSine, Larry Frederick
1969The relationship of prenatal and first year postnatal variables to personality factors in children in mid-childhoodHedemann, Nancy Oakley
1994The relationships of biomedical and psychosocial risk factors to infant development at six months of age in ThailandPanrapee Cholvanich
2005Reliability and validity evidence for the dual-disorder treatment fidelity scaleWilson, Diane C.
2004Reliability and validity of readiness-to-change measures among dual diagnosis hospital inpatientsAnthony, Cynthia J'
May-2014Religious narratives and their implications for coping, recovery, and disaster risk reductionMcGeehan, Kathleen Marie
2008Reporting behavior problems as a function of reporting method in a primary care setting among females of Asian, Pacific Islander, and White descent in HawaiʻiYoshioka, Dawn T.
1988Reporting on relationships between symbolically-named objects by a dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)Forestell, Paul H.
1993Representations of the self in the eating disorders : a comparison of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and social phobiaEwald, Linda Susan
May-2014Resilience and postdisaster relocation : a study of New York's home buyout plan in the wake of Hurricane SandyBinder, Sherri Brokopp
1990Resistance to change, expectancies, and dimensions of personality in psychoactive substance use disorders : a construct validity study of the concerns about change scaleGoodyear, Brian Stanley
Aug-2014The role of entropy detection in judgments of similarity and difference of visual stimuliO'Hanlon, Samantha Miyuki
1978Role playing and affectTanaka-Matsumi, Junko
2005The self-control and self-management scale (SCMS): a general measure of self-control and self-management skillsMezo, Peter G.