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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004An investigation on peer status and its relation to the tripartite structure of positive and negative affect in school childrenNakamura, Brad J.
May-2014Iranian American Perceptions of Experienced Prejudice and Discrimination in the Political and Social Context of the United States of AmericaPaige, Shari
2008Item development of a provider-level culutral competency instrument using the culture assimilator formatNacapoy, Andrea He Pua Po'okela
1991Japanese American conceptions of mental illness and attitudes toward help-seekingNarikiyo, Trudy Ann
Dec-2012Judgments of similarity and difference of visual stimuli and the impact of alignabilityO'Hanlon, Samantha Miyuki
Dec-2011Knowledge, experience, and opinions of Chinese clinicians about eating disordersHuang, Yue
2004Lesions suggest the lateral amygdala is partially involved in conditioned but not unconditioned defensive behavior in ratsHubbard, David Thomas
1993The long-term effects of parental divorce of satisfaction and conflict in adult courtship and marital relationshipsShigezawa, Nadine
2005A longitudinal study of emotional distress and the use of complementary and alternative medicine in women with breast cancerShumay, Dianne M.
Aug-2003Meaninglessness: phenomenological perspectivesJordan, Noel V.
Dec-2002Minority Groups' Conceptualization of Multiculturalism and Ethnic Identity in Hawai'i: The Japanese American and Polynesian ExperienceGraf, Jennifer A.
19871986Modernization, stress, and psychopathology in Tunisian womenHays, Pamela Ann
Dec-2013Molecular and epigenetic abnormalities in the subventricular zone stem cell niche in autismCorley, Michael Jay
1970A multivariate investigation of correlates of child behavior in a Hawaiian communityDielman, Teddy Emerson
Aug-2012Multivariate prediction of schizophrenia in adulthood utilizing childhood neurological dataSmith, Shana Golembo
2004Native Hawaiian risky behavior : the role of individual, social, and cultural factors in predicting substance use and violenceAustin, Ayda Aukahi
Dec-2003Object-centered representations in echolocating dolphins: evidence from acoustic analyses of object echoes and a human listening studyDeLong, Caroline M.
Dec-2012Oddity learning in honeybees (Apis mellifera)Muszynski, Nicole Marie
1992Opportunity and challenge : a psychological study of contemporary Japanese women as compared to American caucasian womenTakahashi, Satoko
1994Perceived similarity and emotional contagionStockert, Nancy