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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Hearing their voices: psychotic patient perceptions of living with mental illness : a fifteen-year follow-upDigman, Barbara E.
1991Helping behavior : gender differences and correlatesDanko, George Philip
1970Hippocampal structure and function in the albino ratFial, Ronald Augustine
Dec-2014The home environments and emergent literacy skills among children in a Hawaiian community on KauaʻiHee, Puanani Jennifer
Aug-2011How expertise can modulate spatial attention within and across sensory modalities : the case of video game playersGonzales, Coty James
Aug-2012How working poor Maya migrant families acculturate to an urban setting---daily routines and adaptation strategiesTovote, Katrin Erika
Dec-2002Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) Communication: The Context and Potential Functions of Pec-Slapping Behavior on the Hawaiian Wintering GroundsDeakos, Mark H.
Aug-2013Identifying predictors of weight gain : the role of body dissatisfaction, dietary restraint, living conditions and physical activityKelly, Mackenzie Christine
Dec-2014Implicit and explicit anti-fat attitudes and gestural mimicrySauer, Wilhelmina Elizabeth
1980Implicit consent and rape : an integration theory analysis of female responses in a dating contextVogelmann-Sine, Silke
May-2003Improving statistics instruction: student variables, behaviors & strategiesCobb-Adams, Shane
1986An inchoate theory of dyadic social transition and integral testCampbell, John F.
May-2011Increasing learning-related social skills in kindergarten students using video self-modelingCook, Cory Len
1970The indirect assessment of social attitudes using an object arrangement techniqueBrein, Michael
2002Individual and environmental predictors of substance use among at-risk Asian and Pacific Islander adolescent femalesSykora, Charlotte Anne
1970Individual and group risk taking: a cross-cultural studySaville, Margaret Rose
1979Influences of semantic associations in a conceptual task : a developmental viewMcKaughan, Patricia Louise
2004Influences on the effectiveness of mentoring at-risk youthGalbavy, Renee
2002Initial psychometric validation of He ʻAna Manaʻo o Na Moʻomeheu Hawaiʻi : a Hawaiian ethnocultural inventory (HEI) of cultural practicesCrabbe, Kamanaʻopono M.
Aug-2011Innovation attributes, workplace climate, and organizational facilitators as predictors of integrated dual disorders treatment implementationWilson, Diane Christine