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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Examining the model of the Child Behavior ChecklistTerry, Rustin S.
May-2014Experienceing bisexual identity : the effect of identity threat and identity verification on bisexual individualsFlanders, Corey Elizabeth
1978An experiment to test the capacity of confactor rotation to give unique factor analysis solutionsBrennan, Jerry Michael
Aug-2011Explict and implicit stereotype content : the case of gender in academiaYoung, Danielle Magan
1974An exploratory investigation of aversion-relief paradigms with human subjectsWeiss, Leslie Ellin Bloch
May-2012Exploratory study of youth perceptions of tourism in selected schools in Liberia, Costa RicaAnglin, Ashley Elizabeth
May-2014Exploring Discourses on Human Trafficking in HawaiʻiGleason, Kristen Diana
Dec-2011Exposure to acute stress induces different patterns of fear extinction and habituation behavior in an animal model of posttraumatic stress disorderCorley, Michael Jay
1971The extension of learning principles to the analysis and treatment of sexual problemsAnnon, Jack Stafford
1970Extinction of conditioned meaning: support for a classical conditioning model of word meaningCarlson, Carl Gilbert
1979Factors affecting key pecking in response-independent variable-time schedules : implications for theories of the conditioning of this responseBrandon, Susan E.
2008Factors affecting susceptibility to emotional contagion among South Indian Hindus residing in IndiaJeedigunta, Aparajita
1990A family study of altruism and its correlatesDarvill, Thomas John
2008Fear and avoidance of foods in anorexia and bulimia nervosa : a preliminary validation of the food phobia surveyFo, Melody Joy S.
1992Frequency of self-reinforcement questionnaire : a children's formJoshi-Peters, Karuna L.
1996Frequency of self-reinforcement, perceived control, and depression in Asian and Caucasian community-dwelling eldersWong, Shyh Shin
1983The function of imagery as a mediator in relational learningTroy, Mark Edward
1967Generalization of operant conditioning of verbal output in three-man discussion groupsDavid, Kenneth H.
2005Generational variations in depresive symptomatology and related variables among the three generations of Japanese-Ameican women in Hawai'iMatsukawa, Jennifer Mastsu
Aug-2003The Hawaii time management scale and health related behaviorsNelson, Karl Gene