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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Pakistan's alliance with the United States, 1954-1965: a study in loads, capabilities and responsivenessAyoob, Mohammed
1968A psycholinguistic model of political cultureHarvey, Susan Kay
1968Toward a comparative theory of electoral and legislative participation by public administrators: an exploratory study of some Hawaii and Philippine administratorsKrauss, Wilma Rule
1968Models of the adolescent political socialization processHarvey, Teddy Genet
1968Personality and political ideologyKrieger, David M.
1969Dynamic patterns of international conflictPhillips, Warren Randall
1969A field approach to the study of civil rights protest participation of southern Negro studentsAgbayani, Amefil, 1943
1969Role-taking accuracy and disowning projection: their relation to advocacy of change and political successKeim, Willard D.
1969Style and position issues: A field experiment employing systematically selected members of the Oahu (City and County of Honolulu) electorateStaples, John Harvey
1969Asian conflict in systemic perspective: application of field theory (1955 and 1963)Park, Tong Whan
1970Bureaucratic thinking: A study of Block Development Officers of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in IndiaMathur, Kuldeep
1970Attitudes, interaction and decisions: a computer simulation of decision-making in the Wisconsin Supreme Court 1954-1956Flango, Victor E, 1942
1971Student activism in a comparative perspective: the study of political participation of Thai university studentsPrizzia, Rosario
1971Communist China's foreign behavior: an application of field theory model IIRhee, Sang Woo
1971Politics, administration, and national developmentKim, Kwang-ung, 1940
1971The People's Liberation Army in Communist China's political development: a contingency analysis of the military's perception and verbal symbolization during the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1969Wang, James C.F.
1972Development of agricultural administration in PakistanGhafoor, Abdul
1972Some dimensions of international conflicts, 1914-1965: the prediction of outcomesHannah, Herbert C.
1974Development patterns, leadership styles, and popular attitudes : Korea's development politics (1948-1972)You, Young-June
1974A study of political opportunity structure : political opportunity in Hawaii, 1926-1966Day, Horace Talmage